Gulf Consolidated Contractors Co. (GCC)

specializing in Oil & Gas Projects, Refineries and Cross-Country Pipelines

Urgently needs the following manpower job categories, as follows:

1 - Project Manager (Min. Exp. 15-18years)

2- Project Engineer (Min. Exp. 5-7years)

3- Construction Manager - Mechanical / Civil
(Min. Exp. 10-12 years)

4- Construction Manager - Electrical & Instrumentation
(Min. Exp. 10-12 years)

5- Lead Rotating Equipment Engineer (Min. Exp. 7-10 years)

6- Lead Mechanical (Statis) Engineer (Min. Exp. 7-10 years)

7- Lead Control System Engineer (Min. Exp. 7-10years)

8- Risk Manager (Min. Exp. 10-12years)

9- Project Control Manager (Exp. 7-10years)

10- Planning Engineers / Schedulers (Min. Exp. 7-10 years)

11- Quality Assurance Manager (Exp. 7-10years)

12- Quality Control Manager (Exp. 7-10 years)

13- Quantity Surveyor (Exp. 3-5years)

14- Safety Manager (Min. Exp. 7-10years).

Superindent (Exp. 5-7years)

Supervisor (Min. Exp. 3-5 years)

15- Welding / NDT Inspectors (Min. Exp. 3-5 years)

16- Work Permit Receiver/lssuer

17- Rigger 1,2,3 (Min. Exp. 4-7 yeanrs) (Min Exp. 3 5 years) (Min Exp. 3-5 /Mrs)

18- Scaffolding Supervisor (Min. Exp. 4-7 years)

19- Heavey Equipment Operator (Min. Exp. 2-3years)

• Interested qualified candidates are initially required to submit scan copy of their Resume/CV (with photo) at this email address: jobs@gccksa.com

• All candidate CV's are subject for further Review and Evaluation as initial screening.

• Only qualified candidate CV's are to be called for FINAL APPOINTMENT INTERVIEW SCHEDULE.

• Only those candidates holding TRANSFERABLE IQAMA may can apply.

Preferably having Saudi Aramco Experience and Saudi Aramco certified.

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