Puma Energy Staff Recruitment -March 2017

  • Receive orders from cargo to enter and monitor cargo tanks. Drain tanks and filters. Fill fuel into tankers arriving at the Terminal, in a fast and safe manner, by means of the loading equipment. Seal the upper inlets of the tank and the discharge valves of the same, in order to secure the load to the customer. Comply with all safety measures of the Terminal at all times.
  • Revise and fill in all documentation required for filling trucks, verifying with the driver the product (s) to be loaded as well as the volume(s) of the same. Fill cards loaded with API, temperature and time of loading. Revise tankers before filling and report any pertinent situations.
  • Maintain a clean work area at all times. Provide maintenance services to the loading equipment and execution of the preventive maintenance program of the Terminal, without interfering with the daily filling of trucks (valves and pipes). Calibration of flow meters. Hydrostatic testing of piping. Enable and disable the electric motors for pumps, tanks, filling rack.
  • Participate in all training courses scheduled by the Superintendence of the Terminal, as well as in all contingency drills.  Give logistical support in Terminal. Comply with any other task entrusted by the Superintendent within the operations of the Terminal.

  • Have regular contact with customers and maintain a consistent high level of customer service.
  • Customer service and console duties including product recommendations.
  • Maintain HSE standards, as per the SAPS reference manual.
  • Ensure the requirements of the Puma Energy SAPS Management System for the Depot are met. These requirements include but are not limited to incident reporting, routine inspections, and involvement in SAPS training.

  • Oversee daily dip of fuel tanks and recording meter readings.
  • Liaise with CSC staff to assist in maintaining bulk fuel stock levels.
  • Ensure the movement of bulk fuel into and out of the depot is recorded on tank control sheets.
  • Coordination of depot maintenance including depot grounds, depot vehicles and hardware for the depot.
  • Oversee to ensure the site, including the warehouse and showroom floor are kept clean and tidy and presentable at all times.
  • Daily banking and till balance.
  • General administrative duties.

  • Acts as the focal point for all interested bodies (Puma and external) and is accountable for the 24/7 safe and efficient operation of plant and equipment at all the storage facilities.
  • Ensures optimum performance and seeks improvements to create competitive advantage in terms of safety, security, asset utilisation and costs within agreed budgets.
  • Maintains a constant and critical appraisal of all operations activities and costs within the depots by directing the team to manage all achievable resources so that company products are stored, handled and distributed to the agreed standards at optimum cost.

  • Builds a culture of operational excellence within the team by providing leadership, motivation, coaching and mentoring.
  • Champions SAPS as a personal value to ensure Puma Energy Safety Policy is promoted in terms of both actions and decisions to prevent accidents and harm to people or the environment.
  • Champions the implementation and embedment of SAPS at all storage facilities.
  • Define appropriate workload, staffing levels, resources and working conditions for line personnel.

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