Urgent Staff Recruitment at Saudi Arabia 2017

·         Supervise and monitor Training Programs Development Section’s Specialists and support them in performing their assigned duties.
·         Ensure that all Learning and Training programs are fully integrated and coordinated with other Talent Management and Career Development Programs per SATORP’s expectations and relevant industry best practices.
·         Provide expert input to the development of annual Learning and Training plans, monitor and follow-up on the implementation and report results and recommendations to the Superintendent Training and Career Development.
·         Assist in the development and establishment of all policies and objectives relating to Learning and Training Development programs and activities.
·         Participate in sourcing, evaluating, selecting and monitoring external training providers and ensure their compliance with SATORP’s requirements and quality standards in coordination with the Planning and Training Analyst and Training Section.
Work with the Information and Communication Technology Division to design, construct and implement integrated computer-based training programs and e-learning applications, and ensure their continuous, seamless functionality.
·         Ensure that all associated templates and forms of Training Needs Analysis (TNA) are in place, easy-to-use and timely communicated and shared with all concerned personnel.
·         Keep abreast with the latest methodologies and associated technologies to be used for learning and training development programs.
·         Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Business Administration, Human Resource or equivalent.


·         Receive work directions and instructions from the Supervisor Inspection and ensure timely and effective implementation of on-stream inspection plans and strategies.
·         Coordinate with the Maintenance Team to prioritize static pressure equipment maintenance needs, provide recommendation and guidance on repair methods and tools, follow-up on maintenance progress and work close-out, and prepare reports to the Supervisor Inspection in this regard.
·         Ensure all tests and inspections on equipment that has been repaired or modified meets the manufacturers and/or SATORP‘s specifications and industry (ASME/API/AWS) code requirements.
·         Ensure and follow the internal standards and procedures about static pressure equipment, and issue inspection technical reports with recommendations to business team on a regular basis.
·         Provide inspection inputs for Operating Integrity windows, and provide loss control recommendations during daily inspection meetings for Performance Key Indicators survey.
·         Participate and lead the execution of shutdowns and testing and inspection (T&I) for the area of own and other areas as necessary.
·         Conduct first level analysis and evaluation of corrosion and provide technical support to the Corrosion Engineer during turnarounds or daily inspection activities within the designated area of responsibility.
·         Enforce all technical recommendations regarding static pressure equipment, and assist, follow and valid pressure tests on equipment undergone major repairs and modifications.
·         Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.

·         Develop routine maintenance plans and schedules, on weekly and monthly basis, and coordinate with Routine Maintenance Division to ensure suitable implementation of these plans.
·         Provide technical support with regards to the development and implementation of preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance plans.
·         Ensure that all routine maintenance personnel, materials, spare parts, tools and equipment are available and ready for on time execution in coordination with the Supervisor Warehouse.
·         Coordinate with the Operations Department and Routine Maintenance Division to discuss, identify and develop maintenance work priorities and agree on action plans as required.
·         Follow-up on the implementation and effectiveness of maintenance plans, identify any deviations against plans, recommend corrective actions and report to the Superintendent Maintenance Logistics in this respect.
·         Participate in assessing Contractor’s services quality and performance through conducting contract compliance audits on a regular basis.
·         Plan and coordinate procurement for items that are out-of-stock and needed for fixing emergency breakdowns and ensure a speedy delivery of these items.
·         Ensure effective execution of SAP system during the implementation of routine and preventive maintenance plans.
·         Provide leadership for routine maintenance planning and scheduling activities.
·         Act as a coach to the workshop personnel, help identify their training and career development, recommend training courses and follow-up on their personnel records such as timesheets, discipline, vacations, leaves and absenteeism.
·         Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or equivalent.

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