Dubai Airports Urgent Staff Recruitment - 2017

Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of an AFS safety management system and procedures; so that all relevant legislative requirements are aligned to DA, regulatory standards or International best practice.
  • The post holder will be innovative and consider the use of new technologies to enhance AFS service delivery.
  • Implement policies and procedures for the learning and development of fire service personnel in line with an agreed competency framework and technical requirements of the industry regulator.
  • Audit and inspection process that the Airport Fire Service maintains compliance with regulatory, industry and company standards, whilst external regulators (GCAA/DCAA) audits are fully addressed
Job Requirements:
  • The post holder is the appointed manager responsible for training, internal audit and setting performance standards to ensure GCAA compliance is assured.
  • This role is key to ensuring that the AFS Strategic Objectives are met and where possible exceeded.
  • The post holder will be expected to brief the CFO and VP Airside Operations, develop action plans, write reports, identify learning outcomes and KPI’s in the focus areas that he is assigned.
  • The post holder will work in a high-pressure environment with demanding deadlines requiring the ability to withstand high levels of stress and scrutiny.

Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • Prepares, collates and records KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for the directorate in liaison with the concerned unit. To conduct performance audits. 
  • Carries out inspections to evaluate the compliance to quality, HSE, food hygiene & pest control standards within the airport in conjunction with government agencies like Dubai Municipality and other units. Responsible for review of the contractual agreement with these parties. Supervision of DM personals working within the section.
  • Carries out various process analyses through tools like SWOT analysis to evaluate the current status and suggest the improvement required.
  • Directing, controlling and ensuring that management systems compliance support procedures are adhered to, through internal audits and management review meetings.
Job Requirements:
The jobholder should be educated to a degree level with minimum of five years experience in similar field. They should be technically sound, should keep themselves abreast with the latest in the field.  The jobholder should have good leadership skills and good organizational abilities.

Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • Supervise the drafting, negotiating and finalization of contracts between DA and its suppliers and customers
  • Oversee the development and management of the service level agreements (SLA) with other business units as required
  • Review the areas of potential risk / exposure raised by Legal Counsel – Contracts to ensure that safety clauses are built into the contract to protect DA interests
  • Review final contract document to ensure that it complies with all applicable laws and regulations governing the contract
Job Requirements:
The position holder will have a Law degree from an accredited law school, preferred passed the BAR exam if applicable, and licensed to practice law within the UAE.
Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • To oversee and support the management of a 24/7 operational fire team depolyed at DXB ensuring international best practice and that personnel maintain fire fighting competence and welfare.
  • This post is a fixed term two year contract with DA holding the option to extend to provide oversight of compliance and personal development plans that will support the incumbent management team (Duty Manager and Watch Manager x 2).
  • By managing, leading, monitoring and maintaining operational effectiveness the post holder will work to meet set KPI’s and enhance operational efficiency and embed a healthy safety culture demonstrated during fire service activities.
  • The post holder will have delegate responsibility to ensure that his assigned team, adheres to company policy and the relevant local and international standards, so that fire and aviation safety is assured at all times, meeting regulatory requirements in accordance with the Aerodrome Certificate.
Job Requirements:
  • The post holder must have a good standard of job related qualifications applicable to the role and hold English Competence to ICAO level 4 or Global English level 7 in verbal, written and listening skills
  • The post holder must possess the necessary managerial skills and hold an international accredited certificate of competence equivalent to Station Manager level or higher.

Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • In conjunction with and as required by the EVP HRD, contribute to the formulation and implementation of the Training strategy in line with Dubai Airports’ vision and mission.
  • Ensure that Training is translated into annual business plans and that performance is monitored and reported so that any necessary actions are taken in a timely manner.
  • Conduct current and ongoing strategic assessment of corporate wide training and development capabilities.  Lead stakeholder partnership, engagement and support to address gaps in overall training mission.
  • Direct the implementation of corporate wide training initiatives, ensuring they fit with the overall business strategies and monitoring / supervising the design of solutions such as the more effective use of learning technologies and platforms.
  • Deliver training plans based on career paths and coordinate a training needs assessment exercise using all the available resources, e.g. performance appraisals, career paths, input from VPs, business plans, etc. so as to ensure the development for all employees is according to the identified needs.
Job Requirements:
  • Degree in HRD , business administration or related discipline
  • Professional HRD certification is an asset
Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • The purpose of the role is to function as part of an operational rescue and fire fighting team for the extinguishment and control of fire and the saving and preservation of life during all types of emergencies at the airport.
  • The job role handles a high level of technical rescue equipment and complex fire vehicles to enable the job role to be carried out effectively and efficiently.  Without fire fighters the ARFFS would not exist.
  • The Fire Fighter makes up the majority of the minimum staffing levels required by the regulatory authorities (GCAA/DCAA)  Fire Fighters also form the majority work force, which ensures all fire vehicles and rescue and firefighting equipment is maintained, tested and inspected to ensure operational reliance.
Job Requirements:
  • The jobholder shall have basic numeracy and literacy following secondary school education and be fluent in English as the lectures and operational commands are given in English.
  • The jobholder must hold a UAE Heavy Duty Driving Licence or working toward a Licence.
Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • Oversee the processes within the Accounts Receivables and Credit Control function and ensure that invoicing, receipts processing, as well as maintenance of customers’ accounts activities are completed in a timely and effective manner
  • Provide continued guidance to the AR team on routine AR responsibilities and transactions in order to serve the DA AR customers effectively and efficiently. Ensure effective coordination with the relevant stakeholders for any invoicing and receipts processing issues or concerns
  • Review the Accounts Receivable (AR) Reconciliation Report and coordinate with General Ledger Section to take necessary action for any issue(s) identified
Job Requirements:
The job holder will have a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce or Business Administration with a specialization in Finance and/or Accounting and holds a recognized professional qualification (ACCA/ACA) etc.

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