Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Company ( SATROP ) Staff Recruitment 2016-Dec

Career Opportunities: Area Inspector


Receive work directions and instructions from the Supervisor Inspection and ensure timely and effective implementation of on-stream inspection plans and strategies.
2. Coordinate with the Maintenance Team to prioritize static pressure equipment maintenance needs, provide recommendation and guidance on repair methods and tools, follow-up on maintenance progress and work close-out, and prepare reports to the Supervisor Inspection in this regard.
3. Ensure all tests and inspections on equipment that has been repaired or modified meets the manufacturers and/or SATORP‘s specifications and industry (ASME/API/AWS) code requirements.
4. Ensure and follow the internal standards and procedures in connection with static pressure equipment, and issue inspection technical reports with recommendations to business team on a regular basis.
5. Provide inspection inputs for Operating Integrity windows, and provide loss control recommendations during daily inspection meetings for Performance Key Indicators survey.
6. Participate and lead the execution of shutdowns and testing and inspection (T&I) for the area of own and other areas as necessary.
7. Conduct first level analysis and evaluation of corrosion and provide technical support to the Corrosion Engineer during turnarounds or daily inspection activities within the designated area of responsibility.
8. Enforce all technical recommendations regarding static pressure equipment, and assist, follow and valid pressure tests on equipment undergone major repairs and modifications.
9. Write detail inspection finding and recommendation in the Meridium/SAP system and send maintenance and repair notifications to the Maintenance and business Team.
10. Interact with Business Team to collect all static pressure equipment related data and information, and develop and maintain a database for inspection data and files within the designated area of responsibility.
11. Communicate with Inspection Contractors to coordinate inspection activities and ensure that integrity requirements of static pressure equipment are met by evaluating all result.
12. Prepare and issue inspection reports for static pressure equipment and ensure the same is received and reviewed by all concerned.
13. Ensure that inspection Contractors services are carried out according to SATORP’s requirements, international standard, regulations and specifications.
14. Maintain records of static pressure equipment history and ensure that all equipment data are updated and well-organized for easy reference.

Central Planning Leader

  1. Develop routine maintenance plans and schedules, on weekly and monthly basis, and coordinate with Routine Maintenance Division to ensure suitable implementation of these plans.
  2. Provide technical support with regards to the development and implementation of preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance plans.
  3. Ensure that all routine maintenance personnel, materials, spare parts, tools and equipment are available and ready for on time execution in coordination with the Supervisor Warehouse.
  4. Coordinate with the Operations Department and Routine Maintenance Division to discuss, identify and develop maintenance work priorities and agree on action plans as required.
  5. Follow-up on the implementation and effectiveness of maintenance plans, identify any deviations against plans, recommend corrective actions and report to the Superintendent Maintenance Logistics in this respect.
  6. Participate in assessing Contractor’s services quality and performance through conducting contract compliance audits on a regular basis.
  7. Plan and coordinate procurement for items that are out-of-stock and needed for fixing emergency breakdowns and ensure a speedy delivery of these items.
  8. Ensure effective execution of SAP system during the implementation of routine and preventive maintenance plans.
  9. Provide leadership for routine maintenance planning and scheduling activities.
  10. Act as a coach to the workshop personnel, help identify their training and career development, recommend training courses and follow-up on their personnel records such as timesheets, discipline, vacations, leaves and absenteeism.
Perform other related duties as assigned by the Superintendent Maintenance Logistics

Foreman Office Services

Oversee and coordinate the activities involved in the maintenance and repair services of SATORP facilities.  Determine and evaluate the need for maintenance or repair, inspect and check work of contractors and prepare maintenance work progress reports.
Support the Maintenance Engineer in performing all facilities maintenance activities as per the Section guidelines and instructions. Interact with Contractors, Vendors and SATORP personnel to coordinate and accomplish major facility improvements, renovations, and alterations to facilities

Safety Inspector

1.Support day-to-day activities involved in providing safety advice to assigned SATORP organizations.
2.Ensure that all employees are informed about the safety policies, rules and regulation of the Company.
3.Regularly update safety campaign materials to cover all safety areas described in the SATORP SMS.
4.Participate in the establishment of a framework for personal safety and the existence of appropriate safety procedures; provide advice on accident/incident investigation and analyses.
5.Develop a set of minimum safety rules for the office and Refinery environments and help to develop the Safety on Site and Prevention standards.
6.Ensure relevant work permits will be created and distributed in a timely and accurate fashion.
7.Participate in preparing the daily work permit by meeting with Operations and Maintenance to discuss special work permits.
8.Participate in the approval of job risk analysis and associated work permits.  Audit of maintenance activities on-site.
9.Monitor the contractors work activities.
10.Ensure the implementation of safety procedure/ rules and ERP.
11.Inspect safety items in the offices and on refinery on regular bases.
12.Provide advice on safety procedures so that all jobs within the Refinery can be performed in a safe way.
13.Plan and monitor the education awareness of the Company employees.
14.Assist in the development of the Monthly Safety Themes program.
15.Distribute safety promotional materials on a regular basis.
16.Report violations of SATORP safety standards on-site.
17.Perform other related duties as assigned by the Safety Superintendent

Career Development Supervisor


To provide support and advice on Career Development and Talent Management Programs and contribute to the development and maintenance of effective Competency Framework and Succession Plan for all positions at SATORP.

Ensure quality design, development and implementation of Competency Framework, Career Path Plan, Succession Planning and Development Programs and Performance Management System that cover all employees at SATORP and help instill a culture of career progression and performance among employees.

Career Opportunities: Supervisor Planning (1102)

Lead the Planning Section and ensure that all activities and tasks are fully coordinated, appropriately authorised and carried out in a planned and effective manner.
2. Provide technical advice regarding the Section tools, software and programs selection and develop procedures to ensure continuous development and enhancement of the same.
3. Provide recommendations on the recruitment needs of the Section and ensure that qualified manpower is available to meet SATORP's requirements and perform day-to-day work.
4. Oversee and support the Planning personnel, identify their training needs, recommend training courses and provide feedback to by the Superintendent Planning and Performance Control regarding subordinates' performances and records.
5. Manage the Planning Team; ensure smooth receipt and delivery of feedstock and products.  Ensure proper handling of all receipt and delivery documents.
6. Oversee the fulfilment of contracts in accordance with planned supply/ lifting schedules.  Manage processes from nomination to reception and delivery of feedstock/products.
7. Follow and consolidate the nomination program and lifting schedule.  Ensure successful execution of the nomination program and lifting schedule, in coordination with the Off-takers and the Scheduling Division.
8. Manage demurrage and customer claims with regards to quality and missing documents.  Oversee the documentation of accurate and reliable shipping data.  Take necessary actions to minimize claims and optimize operations.  Implement KPIs and follow-up on results.
9. Coordinate with Independent Surveyor and Marine Superintendent for vessels berthing.
10. Define and propose adequate replacement solutions to ensure supply and delivery in case of incidents or shortfalls.  Coordinate with the Planning Team, Scheduling and Off-takers.
11. Participate in negotiation of transport contracts, as needed.  Support coordination with Shipping Trading Partners.
12. Support development of appropriate tools and information systems in order to improve economical and operational performance in logistics operations.
13. Participate in studies and project concerning the evolution of logistics systems.  Assist Planners in optimizing resources and supply balance of the Refinery.
14. Ensure full compliance with environmental health and safety regulations at all times.

Career Opportunities: Business Analyst (1103)

1. Lead the Business Analyst Section and ensure that all activities and tasks are fully coordinated, appropriately authorised and carried out in a planned and effective manner.
2. Provide recommendations on the recruitment needs of the Section and ensure that qualified manpower is available to meet SATORP's requirements and perform day-to-day work.
3. Oversee and support Business Analyst section personnel, identify their training needs, recommend training courses and provide feedback to the Superintendent Planning and Performance Control regarding subordinates' performances and records.
4. Develop procedures for collecting and reconciling data and inputs related to the refinery performance and monthly results from different SATORPs' Organizations like Planning, Scheduling, Technical, Operations and Finance.
5. Ensure timely and quality preparation of performance reporting and monthly results and make performance analyst report including "back casting" studies, ensuring the elaboration of the monthly performance reports and economic studies.
6. Provide analysis regarding yield optimization and economic performance.
7. Monitor the performance of the refinery and meet with other Operations, Technical and B&O teams to present high losses, areas of improvements and economic solutions.
8. Provide technical advice regarding LP model relevancy through back-casting process and propose and enhancement of the same.
9. Contribute to Operating plan and Business plan elaboration. In particular, checks the consistency and validate figures for fixed and variable costs, and all operational assumptions.
10. Provide recommendations to the Superintendent Planning and Performance Control with regards to Control Performance annual budgets, cost projections and budget proposals for contracts, tools and models.
11. Perform other related duties as assigned by the Superintendent Planning and Performance Control.

Career Opportunities: Succession & Career Planning Developer (1203)

  1. Design, develop and maintain a holistic Succession and Career Planning Framework including employee’s profiles and Maps for all positions across SATORP.
  2. Assess gaps between employee’s profile and position’s requirements and participate in the development of succession and career planning related training programs and materials in coordination with Training Programs Development Section and all other concerned.
  3. Define specific, key positions in every organization of SATORP’s where planned replacement action is necessary, and map potential replacements for these positions.
  4. Manage and provide professional advice on employees’ internal mobility, such as transfers, promotions and demotions, through matching employees’ profiles against organization’s requirements.
  5. Work closely with SATORP’s Organizations assisting line managers to understand and implement Succession and Career Planning programs.
  6. Advise SATORP’s line managers and personnel on matters relating Succession and Career Planning.
  7. Ensure that Succession and Career Plans are directly linked to competencies, performance outcomes and training and development programs.
  8. Obtain general overview on the current incumbent of each key position at SATORP and assess the need to fill the position due to the departure of current incumbent.
  9. Design all associated templates and forms to be used in developing key position profiles, assessing current gaps and training needs and preparing individual development plans.
  10. Utilize SAP Talent Management to organize and maintain all file systems associated with Succession and Career Planning activities.
  11. Act as a coach to other HR Department personnel with regards to Succession and Career Planning programs.

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