Emirates Nuclear Energy Job Openings


Location: U.A.E
Job Description:
·         Support the implementation of the Nawah ICT Governance framework 
·         Advise ICT leadership on business goals in support of the Nawah ICT Strategy & Roadmap 
·         Integrate the ICT Project Team into the oprtational flow of business requests 
·         Support the creation of business cases and manage them through the review/approval frameworks 
·         Interface with the Steering Committee, Technology Architecture Committee, Project & Risk Committee, Service Management Committee and other leadership groups as necessary 
·         Develop and distribute key performance indicator (KPI) reports and provides recommendations for improvement 
Job Requirements:
·         Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or Business Administration 


Location: U.A.E
Job Description:
·         Leverages project management experience to create a task dependent, resource leveled project work plan with work break down structures using industry standard tools. 
·         Experience managing large projects. 
·         Experience managing large SAP implementations 
·         Experience managing significant infrastructure implementations. 
Job Requirements:
·         Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Information Technology 


Location: U.A.E
Job Description:
The selected candidate will be expected to understand the implementation approach as described in the Implementation Plan and support the PM in managing meetings, minutes of meeting, scheduling, procurement and financial processes and documentation. The hired candidate must be exponent and leader of the Nawah Project management methodology and will therefore be assisting in delivering project scope, cost, schedule & quality. The Consultant Project Support Officer must therefore possess, in addition to technical acumen, strong organizational skills, clear and concise writing, editing and communication skills and abundant initiative, motivation, adaptability, comfort with uncertainty, and cultural sensitivity 
Job Requirements:
·         Bachelor degree - any 
·         PMP or other equivalent Project/Program Management qualification desirable but not essential 
·         5 years minimum - at least 2 years of in a project management environment 
·         Change Management experience desirable 
·         Proficient in English and Excellent MS Office Skills 
·         Supplier to provide qualification or evidence of the Consultant skills 
·         1 years minimum work experience in a dynamic multicultural environment


Location: U.A.E
Job Description:
·         Ensure that the ENEC civil nuclear power plants have an integrated Physical Security program that meets or exceeds FANR and IAEA requirements and supports efficient plant operation; 
·         Assist the Head to serve as the technical Liaison with FANR & CICPA staff in the functional areas of Site physical security Maintenance; 
·         Implement the Site Physical Security Maintenance; plans, instructions and directives. 
·         Ensure the Sustainability of all Security Equipment by doing Testing, calibration and preventive maintenance; Oversee Site Safety & Security Interface programs; 
·         Monitor Physical Security System Maintenance on a day-to-day basis and perform periodic assessments to identify areas for improvement 
Job Requirements:
·         Ability to conceptualize, plan, develop, and manage the assigned activities 
·         Able to establish and maintain constructive working relationships with peers within the site and across nuclear. 
·         Good understanding of regulatory requirements. 
·         Broad knowledge of Security programs and standards 


Location: U.A.E
Job Description:
·         Provide oversight to the Safety Security Interface Program through management of associated processes & procedures to establish and maintain an effective interface between safety and security 
·         Coordinate review planned or emergent activities for potential adverse effects on security. 
·         Coordinate the establishment of controls or processes to assess and manage security-related changes to both planned and emergent activities that could impact safe plant operations. 
·         Coordinate reviews and audits to confirm that procedures established to control any changes to the plant configuration, including emergencies, comply with the security program.
Activity: Support security operations activities at BNPP 
Job Requirements:
·         Respect for Safety and Security 
·         Integrity and Transparency 
·         Communication Effectiveness 
·         Results Focus: Working effectively and efficiently 


Location: U.A.E
Job Description:
·         Develop, deliver and continually review ENEC security training. 
·         Develop and maintain training materials to meet security training program needs. 
·         Participate in the development/revision and delivery of the security training programs, as appropriate. 
·         Develop and maintain the training matrices for personnel assigned to the ENEC security department and other individuals requiring security-related training. 
·         Develop and maintain the security training program records and databases, which is to be shared with ENEC HR. 
·         Participate in training to attain and maintain proficiency in the development/revision and delivery of the security training Programs, as appropriate. 
Job Requirements:
·         Good IT skills with a working knowledge of the range of MS Office packages and knowledge of electronic security systems. 
·         Knowledge of Training Equipment’s, Systems and Applications Microsoft Office.
·         Understanding of multimedia programs, tools, and eLearning courseware. 
·         Excellent English skills
·         Proficient in the terms and concepts associated with Nuclear Plant. 


Location: U.A.E
Job Description:
·         Implement site access badging requirements outside of the CICPA controlled areas, for all permanent staff as well as consultants, contract staff, visitors and any other persons that require access to site 
·         Process required documentation for site visitor access permits applications which included preparing employee information such as passport, photos etc. 
·         Update and maintain site visitor access permits database to prevent unauthorized access to the facilities. 
·         Ensure access points are adequately manned at all time to detect and deny the possible introduction of prohibited items and contraband to the facilities. 
·         Maintain adequate mobile and foot patrol by security personnel in accordance with requirements specified in the procedures and within the Physical Protection Plan (PPP). 
·         Maintain the camera room activities and requirements for all staff as well as consultants, contract staff, and any other persons that require access to use camera at Barakah NPP. 
Job Requirements:
·         Basic IT skills with a working knowledge of the range of MS Office packages and knowledge of electronic security systems. 
·         Knowledge of Security Equipment’s, Systems and Applications 
·         Fluency in English 
·         Comprehensive business and technical knowledge and organizational skills to oversee highly complex projects with high visibility and high impact on the business 
·         Good report writing skills 
·         Security systems knowledge. 


Location: U.A.E
Job Description:
·         Implement PPP (Physical Protection Plan) and procedures as required by FANR. 
·         Assist the Security Operations Supervisor to direct the contracted security force effectively and efficiently. 
·         Provide administrative support to inspectors and contracted security force in day to day Site Security Operations on 24/7 basis, provide assistance to Site Security Operations Supervisor to prepare duty roster, manage vacations and ensure backups are provided. 
·         Coordinate and support surveillance and observation activities to detect abnormal actions by persons and/or vehicles within the site boundary and where IIS is stored. 
·         Ensure communication and security equipment are 100% functional at all times. 
·         Coordinate the attendance of Security Inspectors to security incidents/investigations and generate incident reports as defined in the procedure. 
Job Requirements:
·         Knowledge of operational and site security processes and standards 
·         English Fluency 
·         MS Office 
·         Time Management 


Location: U.A.E
Job Description:
·         To ensure that all officers on the shift are present, booked on and assigned to positions. 
·         To ensure that all staff are dressed appropriately, for their duties at the start of each shift. 
·         To ensure shift staff do not carry personal mobile phones or chewing gum,and all staff receives designates breaks each day. 
·         To help train and assess security staff, to ensure familiarity with and implementation of the HQ procedures are considered. Providing refresher and update training as and when necessary and maintain accurate records of the same. 
·         Maintain staff knowledge of assignment instructions 
·         To monitor all electronic security systems including fire alarms, and CCTV management. To immediately report to line manager any systems malfunction. 
Job Requirements:
·         Working knowledge of IT (basic Microsoft Word & Excel). 
·         Experience of security equipment. 
·         Previous knowledge of working within a relevant environment. 
·         Knowledge of security Equipment’s, systems and Applications.
·         Strong verbal and written communication skills in English required 


Location: U.A.E
Job Description:
·         Initiate and supervise the risk assessment of information security risks in accordance with policies and procedures in defined intervals within ENEC. 
·         Review the information security risk treatment plan 
·         Ensure and verify compliance with information security requirements and standards according to regulations and law
·         Policies and procedures development and enforcement
Job Requirements:
·         Information Security governance 
·         Incident handling and management 
·         Knowledge of Information Security frameworks and standards like ISO 27001, ADSIC and NESA 
·         Communications Security Management 

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