Petrofac Oil Company Latest Hot Job Vacancies

·         Identify requirements and scope of work, review specifications, drawings and other documents of the project and establish applicability to the scope of work.
·         Carry out a detailed assessment of the commissioning work involved and assess the available resources and possible constraints in its execution.
·         Ability to review contractual documents and identify project requirements and constraints / risks.
·         Be continually present on the field to guarantee the quality and progress of the work.
·         Ability to perform Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and toll box talk to executing the activities.
·         Provide necessary inputs to commissioning proposals at the bidding stage.
·         Inspect and ensure all construction activities are completed prior to taking up the system for commissioning and ensure the setting up of safety procedures for the same.
·         Ensure that all safety and precautionary requirements and procedures are followed during the commissioning.
·         Ability to lead subcontractor for the safe execution of Pre-Commissioning / Commissioning activities in line with the schedule.
·         Be aware of cost monitoring, control expenses, and report overruns to management.
·         Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with a minimum of 6 years’ experience in Oil & Gas industry.

·         Responsible for representing Petrofac on site and liaising with client, subcontractors and local government officials.
·         Execute the project in line with the delivery schedule, contract specifications and conditions.
·         Develop project organization chart and mobilization schedule based on standard models, using standard job descriptions and titles. Due cognizance must be given to capacity of each individual when allocating work responsibilities.
·         Monitor day to day activities through weekly, monthly and quarterly progress meetings of
·         Petrofac staff, subcontractors, JV partners and client to facilitate achievement of targets.
·         Slippages and backlogs will be identified and action plans formulated to keep the project on schedule.
·         Ensure adherence to the project and corporate Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) procedures and maintain a safe working environment.
·         ·15+ years experience in direct hire construction
·         ·15+ years experience in the oil & gas industry
·         ·Experience working with an international E&C company
·         ·Excellent leadership and communications skills
·         ·Relevant degree or diploma from an accredited college or university

·         managing the revision of project documentation, including the ISP Safety Case, Verification Scheme, Operations and Procedures Manual, Safety Manual and Emergency Response Plan
·         responsibility for purchase approval of all maintenance, parts, equipment, services and consumables except food stuff
·         responsibility for ensuring the client is kept abreast of all matters which may affect their schedule of work with the ISP
·         ensuring the ISP and all associated equipment and systems are maintained in class
·         responsibility for carrying out the appraisal process with both offshore and onshore engineering personnel
·         responsibility for ensuring engineering changes and queries from the client are actioned in a professional and timely manner
Candidates must have previous experience acting as an Operations and/or Asset manager (or equivalent) with stated responsibilities under a formal Safety Case in the UKCS. Candidates should have previous experience with NUI-based field operations and in marine operations including jack-ups, preferably with a qualification to support this.
Exposure to the following areas would be expected: 
·         supplier management
·         people management
·         budget and cost control
·         emergency response
·         acting as client interface/liaison
·         completing the duties of the Responsible Authorised Electrical Person when nominated and deemed competent by the Authorising Engineer
·         stop, start and synchronise the HV and LV generation systems and equipment as required
·         carrying out switching on HV and LV distribution systems and drilling generators to support production, as required
·         alter electrical protection settings as required on HV and LV distribution systems
·         isolate/de-isolate electrical systems and equipment in accordance with electrical working precautions, Company Operating Procedures and Standards, including:
·         LV small power distribution system, LV battery/UPS system & HV distribution system
·         assist specialist contractor personnel as necessary in the undertaking and execution of preventative and corrective maintenance activity and tasks on the Electrical Equipment
·         re-prioritise Preventive Maintenance work as necessary to accommodate unforeseen Corrective Maintenance tasks to enable safety and production to be sustained and/or restored and downtime to be minimised
Candidates must have offshore experience in an Electrical Technician role with an ECITB Maintaining Electrical Systems of Plant and Equipment – Level 3 (NVQ) or equivalent. Applicants should have knowledge of Electricity at Work Regulations, EX electrical / instrumentation equipment maintenance, HV Switching and electrical equipment in Hazardous Areas. Knowledge of PTW System, REP and OPITO Emergency Response Standards would be required.
·         managing the preparation of all UK statutory accounts
·         co-ordinating the audit schedule for EPS West UK entities, ensuring audits are completed in line with agreed deadlines to facilitate timely filing of statutory accounts
·         leading and supporting EPS West UK entities through the IFRS conversion process
·         Involvement in the completion of the tax computations for EPS West UK entities’ statutory accounts
·         ensuring correct reporting of all EPS West UK entities’ statutory accounts, including the transfers of trade and assets in to Petrofac Facilities Management Ltd.
·         being responsible for the monthly management reporting of Petrofac UK Holdings Ltd, assisting the Compliance Assistant Accountant with completion of this
·         Balance Sheet reconciliations as assigned
·         managing the Assistant Accountant ensuring efficient and productive use of their time
The successful candidate will have an accountancy qualification with experience in a finance position.  Experience of statutory accounts and audit processes is essential.  ERP and experience in an international group of companies is preferable.  The Senior Accountant must be able to work to tight deadlines and manage direct report’s ability to work to these deadlines.  Attention to detail, flexibility and strong communication skills are also required.
·         maximizing production output with the safe utilization of process plant and equipment
·         prioritizing daily production and maintenance activities, ensuring all activities are coordinated to achieve safe and efficient platform operations, including ownership of the 28 day plan
·         compilation of operational and technical reports
·         daily liaison with the Operations Managers/ Operations Superintendents and project support group
·         providing first line reviews of platform change proposals
·         constructing the platform annual ‘workplan’ in conjunction with production supervisors and operations manager
·         enforcement of all statutory and company safety related procedures affecting offshore operations
·         liaison with OSDR officials and ICP whilst onboard the installation
·         prioritizing and progressing action items raised under ICP surveys in conjunction with the onshore support group as necessary
·         chairing offshore safety representative meetings and organizing weekly safety musters, drills and exercises
Applicants will have extensive offshore experience in a range of technical, supervisory and management roles. They will have proven OIM capabilities with all relevant certification in date
·         ensuring applicable maintenance targets and schedules are achieved
·         working within the statutory Health and Safety Procedures and the Permit-to-Work system
·         preparing ISSOW Permit to work and carrying out site visits with Area Authority
·         maintaining comprehensive records and logs, detailing work order findings in Maximo
·         raising corrective work orders as required and liaising with relevant department to agree target completion dates and all requirements
·         preparing work scopes in line with platform planning process, ensuring that relevant services are available in line with gate compliance
·         ensuring all Maximo data is updated and current
The successful candidate will have offshore experience in a similar role with an Apprenticeship or equivalent qualification in a relevant discipline.  The candidate will have a valid Compex certificate and have knowledge of ISSOW and Maximo.  They will have excellent communication, problem solving and interpersonal skills.  Previous BP experience is preferred.
·         Supports in performance of studies and evaluations for streamlining Company’s operations from a
·         commercial/contractual point of view during the pre-qualification and bidding stage.
·         Ensure that due diligence on potential partners / Clients (as required) is carried out.
·         Ensure that appropriate guidance regarding legal diligence in new jurisdictions is sought.
·         Provide advice on legal issues affecting the Company's business, during the pre-qualification and
·         bidding stage.
·         Responsible in ensuring that the key contract terms and conditions are presented to the Project
·         Management Team upon award of the Contract and also ensure that a proper handover takes place
·         of the documentation involved with such Contract during bidding stage to the Project Contracts
·         Team.
·         Responsible for resolution of major deviations from Vendors to the terms and conditions of Purchase
·         of Goods and Site Services.

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