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Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • Provide leadership and guidelines on information assurance security expertise for the corporate side of organization, working effectively with strategic organizational functions such as legal experts and technical support to provide authoritative advice and guidance on the requirements for security controls.
  • Take initiatives in leading the Information Security department with clearly set objectives which are aligned with organization objectives using full range of leadership skills. 
  • Participate in formulating and setting effective information & cyber security strategies consistent with the business and competitive strategy of the corporate part of the organization.
  • Communicates and carries out the organization’s information security strategy, developing it as an integrated part of the business strategy.
  • Contribute in overseeing policy issues and strategic planning with a long-term perspective; assure that set objectives and set priorities are met; assess potential threats or opportunities.
  • Prepare the Information Security Division budget, and monitors financial performance versus the budget to ensure alignment
  • Positively contribute to the establishment and maintenance of a robust security culture within ENEC.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor's degree
  • information Security governance
  • Incident handling and management
  • Knowledge of Information Security frameworks and standards like ISO 27001, ADSIC and NESA
  • Communications Security Management
  • Compliance 
  • Computer Network Defence 
  • Configuration Management
  • Encryption
  • Identity Management 


Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • Performing activities regarding governance of ENEC Information Security efforts towards protecting classified and business information.
  • Maintain and enforce the information protection policies, monitor compliance directly or in coordination with the Information Security Assurance and Information Security Governance team.
  • Track risks and compliance items and perform security planning requirements as directed by the management.
  • Maintain all the relevant information protection policies and procedures in accordance with the good practice and regulatory requirements. 
  • Lead the risk assessment of information security risks in accordance with policies and procedures in defined intervals within ENEC related to classified and business information
  • Review the information security risk treatment plan
  • Check compliance with information security requirements related to classified and business information 
Job Requirements:
  • Information Security governance
  • Incident handling and management
  • Knowledge of Information Security frameworks and standards
  • Communications Security Management
  • Compliance
  • Computer Network Defence


Location: UAE
Job Description:
Support Environmental Management & Compliance Section processes to achieve high standards of environmental management and compliance culture through development and execution of environmental management plans, programs and initiatives to ensure achievement of environmental management functional readiness and operation of the project in compliance with relevant environmental regulations, requirements and standards and all facets of Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with principles of ISO 14001 EMS Standard in all activities. 
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree in Engineering or Science
  • 5 years of relevant experience 


Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • Research, identify and define gaps between current ENEC/Nawaz leadership development programs and industry standards to include National Academy for Nuclear Training position guidelines, WANO position guidelines and IAEA guidance.
  • Analyse, design, develop, implement and evaluate leadership training programs (Core Leadership Training and Nuclear Specific Leadership Training) that meet industry standards and regulatory requirements in accordance with the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT)
  • Ensure all regulatory requirements applicable to leadership training for nuclear plant personnel are met
  • Manage the development of training program materials and facilities 
    oversee the completion of training records and documentation associated with leadership training
  • Develop long term strategies for improving the effectiveness of Nawaz leadership personnel to support world class plant performance. 
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 10 years’ experience in the commercial nuclear industry or in leadership development training positions
  • Understanding of nuclear power generation
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Problem solving
  • Coaching and communications
  • Ability to plan, coordinate and execute diverse complex projects 
  • Ability to analyse information, determine facts and make independent decisions. 


Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • Oversees and Coordinates the development/revision of the implementing procedures for the Drill and Exercise program. Reviews and recommends for approval new or revised Emergency
  • Preparedness Program-related documentation.
  • Assures the availability of emergency response facilities, equipment and communications systems to support Drill and Exercise activities.
  • Reviews the development / revision and delivery of the Emergency Preparedness training in the form of Drills.
  • Facilitates communication both internally and externally in order to build and nurture mutually beneficial working relationships.
  • Participates in the planning, coordination, conduct, and evaluation of the onsite components of emergency preparedness drills and exercises. Reviews the drill/exercise reports associated with any drills or exercises that involve the Offsite Emergency response organization.
  • Assists in coordinating emergency preparedness public education program-related activities with External Affairs and Communications.
  • Ensure that this team members receives the necessary training and skills required for their development. Keeps current with emergency preparedness-related best practices and updates colleagues, as appropriate.
  • Successfully completes all required initial and refresher training courses and requirements in order to attain and maintain the required qualifications and certifications in areas of specialization. 
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree in Engineering/Science with minimum 5 years working experience in the areas of Emergency Preparedness in nuclear industry.
  • Demonstrated technical understanding of the principles underlying nuclear power generation and nuclear power plant operations.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills (English and Arabic).


Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • Draft, implement and maintain environmental management documentation within Nawah’s integrated management system as needed.
  • Review elements of the OEMP and site practices to determine level of completeness and compliance with external standards as assigned.
  • Assist with permit application reviews to ensure permit accommodates operational and ENEC objectives. Review, monitor and track application content and permitting milestones.
  • Participate in information gathering to support permit application.
  • Participate in the revision of policies, procedures, operating practices, equipment specifications, designs, regulatory changes and internal business strategies for environmental requirements and provide advice to other functions across ENEC and Nawah.
  • Provide information to HSE, licensing, Engineering and Siting & Water strategy as needed. Develop and maintain procedures describing activities and processes for completion of the Environmental Compliance group function.
  • Identify operating procedures, equipment types, designs, systems and testing in the prime contract that are important to the environmental function and ensure delivery.
  • Utilize and maintain methodologies to identify and track regulatory requirements, commitments and other obligations to completion including studies, plans, monitoring, sampling, and analysis and result evaluation. 
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor Degree in a relevant field in engineering or science
  • Minimum 4 years of experience in a similar role in power plant operations or similar industrial setting or consultancy


Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • Assist in the Implement of the ODCM
  • Assist in the Develop programs and procedures to support the ODCM 
  • Maintain and immprove the ODCM revisions 
  • Assist in Managing and reporting requirements and submittal to FANR
  • Assist the Senior Environmental Specialist in the Performance necessary dose calculations in support of the ODCM
  • Assist in the radiaiton protection training and guidance for the Environmental Radiochemistry Lab (ERL)
  • Produce related documents provided to outside regulatory authorities (FANR, EAD, etc.) 
  • Assist and Support the environmental department to procure and implement any necessary environmental permits
  • Assost and Prepare workload schedules for the laboratory to ensure all analyses are completed on-time.
Job Requirements:
  • B.S. Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Engineering
  • 5 years technical experience
  • 2 years commercial nuclear power experience
  • 2 years in a radiochemistry laboratory


Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • As a Subject Matter Expert independently evaluate performance against the WANO PO&C's OR1-OR5. Ensure regulatory requirements are met. Provide insights to Senior Leaders and Managers. Write technical reports and present findings to stakeholders internally and externally

  • Challenge and coach Senior Leaders and Managers to improve performance. Support groups through performance improvement activities, facilitate and drive line ownership. Keep abreast of industry best practices in order to grow OR capabilities.

  • Assess, observe and coach Senior Leaders and Managers to improve alignment and behaviors in line 

  • Provide expertise in behavioral change in multicultural teams to organizational culture initiatives. Actively engage with functions and groups across the organization in developing organizational culture. Examples include Leadership Training, Cross cultural interventions, Development of Nawah behavioral framework, Nuclear Safety Culture activities including the Safety Culture Steering Committee.

  • Facilitate communication both internally and externally in order to build and nurture mutually beneficial working relationships. Build strong relationships with Senior Leaders and Managers across Nawah. Be the point of contact for Organizational Effectiveness for WANO, and lead and support technical support missions.

  • Follow all relevant departmental HSE policies, processes, standard operating procedures and instructions to ensure HSE compliance in all aspects of work in accordance with sound management practices by applying these HSE policies and procedures to self and others to take reasonable care for the health and safety of people, or the environment, who are at the employee's place of work who may be affected by the employees acts or omissions at work.

Job Requirements:

  • A Bachelor's degree in Human Factors, Organizational Development, Occupational Psychology
  • Minimum 5 years in behavioral development within safety critical industries. Experience of working in a Leadership position in the Nuclear Sector in a behavioral discipline.


Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • To manage the implementation of Nawah's Health and Safety (H&S) policies, programs, and procedures in order to provide the highest level of safety to Nawah's employees, premises, assets and the local and national community.

  • Manage review of Nawah departmental processes and procedures to ensure compliance with the nuclear industry best practice

  • Monitor industrial safety indicators, e.g., accident rates, across the organization and takes corrective action wherever necessary and provides feedback to the supervisor

  • Manage physical risk assessment, analysis and treatment activities covering all Nawah sites

  • Conduct investigations regarding accidents to determine their causes and makes recommendations to prevent recurrence

  • Coordinate industrial safety audits and follow up on corrective actions in order to ensure compliance with regulation standards

  • Manage the development and implementation of Industrial Safety training plans (induction and development trainings)

  • Assist in reviewing Industrial Safety policies and procedures and implementation of prescribed standards across Nawah

  • Assist in the development and communication emergency and disaster management action plans

  • Provide input into development of appropriate training programs to educate all of Nawah staff on Industrial Safety systems and procedures

  • Establish and manage effective relationships with external parties 

  • Facilitate critical internal and external communication required to meet organization’s business and development objectives 

  • Lead a team of professionals within own area of control and focus 

Job Requirements:

  • 5 - 8 years minimum relevant experience with at least 3 years within an industrial organization, with exposure to power plant, oil and gas, and utilities
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering


Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • Ensure adherence to approved ENEC/Nawah procedures and FANR Regulations in all facets of training of BNPP Operators. Provides mentoring and coaching to assigned Operations Instructors.
  • Accumulation of data and development of periodic reports to senior management as to the progress and health of the program. Arrange and coordinate oversight and review committees such as Academic Review Boards, CRC, Performance Indicators, MRM reports, etc.
  • Provide oversight to support KHNP Training staff in the preparation and implementation of all training provided by KHNP for BNPP Operations Training.
  • Frequently observe training and monitor the preparation and training provided by ENEC and KHNP Instructors. Provide performance analysis of ENEC/Nawah Operations Instructors assigned for mid and end of year performance evaluations.
  • Be cognizant of and support all budgetary goals for the Operations Training Department as approved by the Operations Training Manager.
  • Communication, leadership and personal relationship skills are extremely important for this position. The Head of Operations Training will constantly communicate with subordinates and senior management during the implementation and monitoring of the Operations Training Program. This position will also be responsible for team building and development of the BNPP Instructors and training program.

Job Requirements:

  • Previous RO/SRO license or certification is required.
  • Previous experience as a qualified Operations Instructor or equivalency.
  • BS degree in Engineering or equivalent is preferred.


Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • Ensure BNPP training programs provide the necessary skills to assure plant personnel are capable of safely, reliably and efficiently performing activities in accordance with regulations and approved guidelines and procedures 
  • Establish performance standards, goals and objectives for training and communicate these expectations with department personnel and training department 
  • Coordinate with the training department to establish and maintain course content and emphasis, to determine and support training schedules, to accomplish on-the-job training and evaluation, to observe training activities, and to provide feedback to adjust course content and emphasis as necessary
  • Establish qualification standards and evaluation methods to verify operational personnel are competent to perform assigned function
  • Establish management expectations including safety culture and frequently communicate with plant personnel
  • Periodically walk down plant facilities to check plant condition
  • Establish and implement station strategies, plans and management process improvements to support achieving station performance targets, and long term station reliability. 
  • Establish effective management systems in the station to fulfill the requirements of the Operating License and the Operating Policies and Principles. 
  • Implement the necessary nuclear power plant management systems to establish and maintain continuity in all plant activities. 
  • Ensure the safe implementation and completion of all work activities. 

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related science 



Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • Provide oversight staff to ensure all test items and documents are approved for implimention on time with high quality.
  • Ensure an adequate number of qualified staff to support exam administration.
  • Ensure the assigned exams adequatly evaluate the students to safely operate BNPP..
  • Establish and administer other training activities as assigned.
  • Oversee and approve the associated discipline daily and weekly development schedule.
  • Oversee and approve evaluation items and other associated materials for in accordance with station procedures.
  • Assign and monitor staff work.
  • Ensure exams and support materials are compliant with all regulatory requirements.
  • Track, analyze and communicate development progress
  • Ensure FANR and licensing is notified on all required communications within regulatory time limits.
  • Operate within any budget restrictions.
  • Forecast budget item for any upcoming fiscal years. 

Job Requirements:

  • BS degree in Engineering or other scientific discipline
  • 7 years relevant work experience of which 5 years must be within ‘Nuclear operations Training’ specifically 


Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • Provide oversight to training staff to ensure all scheduled training is implemented on time with high quality.

  • Ensure an adequate number of qualified staff to support training program administration. 
    Ensure the assigned program adequately prepares students to successfully apply for a FANR certification.

  • Establish and administer other training programs as assigned.

  • Oversee and approve the associated discipline daily and weekly training schedule.

  • Oversee and approve the design, develop and maintenance of training objectives, lesson plans, exercises, tests and other training materials for ENEC Training programs in accordance with station procedures.

  • Assign and monitor instructor work.

  • Ensure training programs are compliant with all regulatory requirements.

  • Track, analyze and communicate student performance.

  • Operate within any budget restrictions.

  • Forecast budget item for any upcoming fiscal years

Job Requirements:

  • BS degree in Engineering or other scientific discipline
  • Have or held a BNPP SRO instructor certification
  • 5 years licensed or certified as a SRO
  • 5 Years of nuclear operator Training leader experience


Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • Manage the development and implementation of station Maintenance and Engineering training programs to drive improved personnel and plant performance
  • Ensure Maintenance and Engineering training programs meet regulatory requirements 
  • Ensure all training programs meet the requirements of the Systematic Approach to Training (SAT) 
  • Oversee the collection and maintenance of associated training and qualification records 
  • Manage the development and maintenance of all training materials, laboratories, and mockup facilities
  • Responsible for all aspects of business planning and oversight associated with Technical training
  • Establish management expectations, standards, goals and objectives for Technical training.
  • Provide coaching and feedback on work performance 
  • Ensure oversight of training and qualification of Barakah plant staff to ensure readiness for plant commissioning and operations. 

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or related science
  • Successful completion of MCR operator candidate training course or equivalent 
  • 8-9 years relevant experience in a nuclear power plant
  • Have a thorough understanding of the SAT process. Understand the relationship between training and job performance for plant staff
  • Understanding of and ability to clearly communicate and reinforce safety culture
  • Ability to plan, coordinate and execute diverse complex projects and assignments 
  • Ability to analyse information, determine facts, and make independent decisions \


Location: UAE
Job Description:
  • Support needs analysis to formulate recommendations for training and non-training solution 
  • Develop objectives and examination tools to support training material design. 
  • Develop training material to meet program needs. 
  • Maintain training materials to ensure they remain current. 
  • Conduct technical training on access related topics 
  • Develop training plans as required to support training needs 
  • Collect and analyze attendant’s feedback (management team members and students) regarding training to identify improvement opportunities 
  • Responsibility: Support subject matter experts in training material development, maintenance and implementation to ensure training effectiveness. 
  • Provide input for development and maintenance of training schedules to support training implementation.
  • Provide input for and conduct reviews of training modules under development to ensure training requirements and standards are incorporated. 

Job Requirements:

  • Classroom Instructor Certification
  • 4 or more years of experience in nuclear training
  • Strong verbal and written communication skill able to design, develop and implement Leadership training.
  • Change management, teamwork and problem solving skills

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