Dubai Electricity and Water Authority Job Vacancies

Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • Support the development of the R&D Centre and take a role in conducting research projects, analysing findings, synthesising summary documents, and developing capabilities for future projects.
  • be involved in research and industrial projects
  • often interaction with industrial clients, research partners
  • be part of a cross-disciplinary team with experts in technology, measurements and system design
  • Bring best practices to the technical team and share/transfer his knowledge and expertise
Job Requirements:
  • MSc / BSc degree in Science or Engineering
  • Fields of interest: Solar generation technologies, Smart Grid Integration, Energy Efficiency, Solar Water technologies.


Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • Study/ Evaluate DEWA’s requirements of solar projects implementations and report to management.
  • Assess new solar generation connections and advise on their compliance with DEWA’s grid code and relevant IEC standards.
  • Investigate the technical requirements to apply solar energy projects in corporation with all related departments in DEWA to cover planning, operation and maintenance technical aspects.
  • Work closely with Consultants/ Contractors on solar projects and report to Management.
  • Bring best practices to the technical team and share/transfer his knowledge and expertise.
  • Ability to develop plans, analyses solar opportunities, and work with relevant technical team to fulfill electrical network requirement of megawatt-scale solar power plants.
  • Contribute to the economic assessment of existing and emerging solar power generation technologies.
Job Requirements:
  • Minimum B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from an accredited university
  • Minimum experience of 5 years in Solar Power plants, Project management, Operations management, Installation experience of Renewable Energy projects, solar power projects and their grid integration requirements. 
Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • Knowledge in identifying training needs for subordinate leadership ability to procure development through motivation
  • Experience in hiring, developing and evaluating employees aiming to achieve required objectives.
  • Change Management oriented.
  • Experience in developing, reviewing, and implementing policies and budgets.
  • Knowledge Management oriented.
  • Manage complaints & suggestions effectively.
  • Manage the day-to-day customer base through daily reports while demonstrating full commitment to customer service.
  • Team work oriented.
  • Able to develop variety of statistics and analyse data.
Job Requirements:
  • Higher Diploma or Bachelor
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in the field of Customer Service.
Location: Dubai
Job Description:
Manage and supervise the operational and administrative activities within the Protection Maintenance section and develop/improve employee performance. Lead and manage all the preventive maintenance activities. Prioritize the preventive maintenance related works and tasks based on the departmental priorities. Monitor all preventive maintenance activities and ensure quality output from the team. Provide regular report to the department head in terms of completed and pending works in Protection Maintenance (Planned) section. Identify the root cause and take immediate preventive measures while constantly evaluating & analyzing protection related equipment/system failures, abnormalities, shortcomings and irregularities, work practices, systems and processes & policies as per international standards in the areas related to maintenance.
Organize and process entry permits for projects/ maintenance/ any other TPD related works/ activity and ensure all the required permits are always in place for planned maintenance activities. Minimize human error by continuous monitoring and review of activities and implement actions eliminating human errors during planned maintenance activities. 
Job Requirements:
  • Approximate 10 years’ Experience
  • Minimum Educational Qualification Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
Location: Dubai
Job Description:
Deliver technical expertise to the area of scheduling and resource planning for departmental activities. Establish, maintain and improve planning, scheduling and business flow process of all routine (Protection, FR, DC) & non-routine maintenance activities. Oversee preparation of reports documenting the status of projects and routine/non routine activities. Monitor and analyze project progress reports against the schedule. Develops policies and procedures to improve the adequacy and efficiency of the planning and scheduling activities Prepare required procedures and process charts for scheduling and supervision of all resources planning for routine & non-routine activities.
Schedule and supervise all resources planning for routine & non-routine activities. Continuously innovate and fulfil the requirements of driving the Corporate Excellence Facilitate, transfer and share knowledge with colleagues and subordinates Develop, manage & supervise training and development needs of immediate employees to meet the departmental objectives. Develop, manage and supervise in line with departmental requirement to meet DEWA's strategic objectives. Develop, manage and supervise internal safety as per OH&S Management System Manual to DEWA's safety standards.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s Degree with minimum 10 years’ experience in Project Planning using MS Project, Primavera, Illustrator, etc.
Location: Dubai
Job Description:
Deliver a high level of technical expertise to the utility specializing in power system protection design and engineering of transmission and distribution. Deliver high level expertise of protection system design on all types of transmission system protection including feeder, bus bar, transformer, reactor and generator protection. Provide technical leadership over all protection design and develop standardization documents Review technical specifications and design standards to ensure compliance with DEWAs protection philosophy. Develop departmental policies, processes, systems/ structural programs and procedures covering the areas of activities, departmental role and responsibilities, in line with the Departmental and worldwide best utilities¿ practices.
Continually monitor implementation and improvement of the above by formulating/ defining sectional objectives, KPIs, functional strategic plans and BSC for sectional activities by identifying short and long term requirements in line with departmental objectives with the aim of maintaining safety, reliability and security of the system. Cascade the above to all unit level staff and assist/ approve similar policies, systems, standards, procedures, objectives, KPIs, strategic plans/ BSCs. Deliver services related to section with the level expected from internal/ external customers and based on Service Level Agreements/ Interface documents agreed with both and constantly strive to improve it.
Job Requirements:
  • Minimum 10 years’ Experience
  • Minimum Educational Qualification  Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering
Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • Responsible to ensure all kinds of miscellaneous payments/ deductions and overtime are timely done in SAP Payroll system to settle employee’s dues.
  • Also ensure settlement of end of service benefits of the discharged employees in a timely manner. Payroll reconciliations, medical insurance etc.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelors in Accounting (minimum 1 year experience) Diploma in Accounting ( minimum 3 years’ experience) SAP experience required
Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • Observe Assessment & Development centre in DEWA. Support HR in existing tools, participate for Observational Behaviour Assessment centres for a series of admin, supervisory & Managerial level positions.
  • Observe applicants perform on the exercise and rate the applicant according to predetermined criteria’s and to assess relevant training needs for staff in consultation with department heads, including assessment methods & measurement systems entailed.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelors in Human Resource, preferably hold certification from British Psychological Society (BPS) Level A & B Occupational testing or equivalent. Minimum 2 years’ experience in Assessment & Development or HR department.
Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • Provides supports to Assessment Centre in executive & coordination to achieve desired business objective.
  • Coordinate the schedules of all delegates attending either assessment or development centers, prioritizing functions & appointments.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelors in Administration (minimum 1 years’ experience) Diploma in Administration (minimum 3 years’ experience)
Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • Ensure compliance to all safety rules and regulations and policies of DEWA
  • Review performance of staff and identify areas for improvement.
  • Ensure shift is manned adequately, being run smoothly and provide available necessary resources.
  • Review and approve planned outages and commissioning program before giving it to control room for execution.
  • Review and update TCC quality procedures annually.
  • Issue instructions whenever there is a change in the procedures and for urgent operational matters.
  • Attend meetings and represent TCC control room on any issues affecting its operation or as required by the higher management.
  • Always available to provide assistance and make vital decisions during crisis and emergency.
  • Plans for training of newly hired control engineers and trainees.
  • Ensure that daily events record, generation and interconnection datas are entered and updated and required reports are prepared by control room.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering (Min 10 years’ Experience in transmission control room supervision and operation) or Diploma in Electrical Engineering (Min 15 Years’ Experience).  10-12 years’ experience in the transmission operation and power system generation. Computer literacy, good command in English language and good report writing skills.
Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • Working experience in the relevant field in a reputed manufacturing firm or electrical utility.
  • Should have extensive knowledge in maintenance of transmission lines using RCM technology and Asset Management.
  • Should be familiar with latest condition monitoring methods/ systems for high voltage lines.
  • Familiar with relevant international standards.
  • Monitor to ensure the updating of abnormality database for lines in order to get up to date information regarding the availability of transmission lines, its conditions, performance, failures with cause analysis and corrective & preventive action etc. in line with the department's strategic objective.
  • Monitor to ensure the proper coordination with other departments in commissioning of new circuits in transmission network, in order to enable smooth and fast handing over of lines to the respective maintenance group after energization of circuit.
  • Review and update criteria for energisation and taking over of new Transmission lines.
  • Manage Taking over activities of Transmission lines after commissioning and Snag rectification works  as per the departmental procedures / SLAs  
Job Requirements:
  • Degree in Electrical Engineering with 10 years’ experience or Diploma in Electrical Engineering with 15 years’ experience for expatriates.
  • Degree/Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering with 6 years’ experience or Diploma in Electrical Engineering with 8 years for UAE nationals.
Location: Dubai
Job Description:
  • Manage / administration and full responsibility of the tenders of 400kV & 132 kV Turnkey projects from the initial stage of the tender preparation up to the end of awarding and handing over the projects within DEWA Master Plan, Transmission Projects Dept. requirements, budgeted cost and compliance with DEWA requirements. Develop, manage and supervise internal safety as per OH&S Management System Manual to DEWAs safety standards.
  • Review & verify Tender documents prepared by project engineers.
  • Review pre tender clarifications for bidders & authorize site visits for new projects.
  • Review bidders offers, review and verify the price comparisons statement prepared by the PE, review DEWA clarifications to the bidders (technical and general), leading open discussion meeting with bidders,
  • Review and verify the final recommendation prepared by PE. Monitoring & controlling tender activities & report job status periodically to SMTP on critical issues and final recommendations required to maintain the tender progress according to the project schedule.
  • Continuously innovate and fulfil the requirements of driving the Corporate Excellence.
    Facilitate, transfer and share knowledge with colleagues and subordinates.
  • Developing & maintaining the quality plan, Ensure that tender procedures are followed during the implementation of the projects.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelors Degree in Engineering, International Certification in Project Management 
  • 12 years and above of experience in transmission related to engineering works in a utility with some experience in project management, Technical Experience in Engineering for previous work

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