Crescent Group Latest Job Openings


Location: United Arab Emirates
Job Description:
  • Candidate will have undergone investment bank analyst training programme or equivalent and have a solid grounding in accounting, corporate finance, valuation and knowledge of securities and financial markets which they will be able to apply to day to day activities.
  • Able to apply knowledge and experience in project and corporate finance to company activities and projects in these areas.
  • Work closely with other parts of the Company (e.g. legal and upstream teams) in such matters.
  • Liaise with external parties (such as banks, lawyers, consultants) on relevant matters representing the firm in a professional capacity.
  • Conduct high quality research into markets and companies.
  • Prepare reports, research papers, strategic analysis and presentations of a sufficiently high standard to assist in decision making by senior management and external parties.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree with honours (2:1 minimum) in a quantitative subject such as Finance, Mathematics, Engineering, Economics or Physics from a top tier university.
  • Professional training in accounting, valuation and modelling (as part of investment bank training scheme or equivalent).
  • CFA, MBA or Post graduate degree from top tier university desirable.


Location: Kurdistan
Job Description:
  • Ensure compliance with PTW system within given area of responsibility
  • Ensures compliance to all CreDan HSE policies and procedures
  • Remotely control all process systems from DCS/SCADA panels for defined area of responsibility
  • Prepare process systems for shut-down from DCS/SCADA panels for defined area of responsibility
  • Prepare process systems for start-up following re-instatement from DCS/SCADA panels for defined area of responsibility
  • Remote monitoring of all process parameters within given area of responsRoom
  • Special Requirem any deviations from normal operating conditions to Process Supervisor/Operations Superintendent
  • Directs and controls movements/actions of lead process and process operators during day to day operational activities.
  • Application and removal of process/F&G system overrides and inhibits.
  • Accurate log and recordkeeping on process events & equipment running hours.
  • Understands own responsibility with facility ERP.
  • Completion of process plant reading sheets within given area of responsibility.
  • Gives and receives written and verbal handover at shift change.
  • Reports to the Process Supervisor on all issues relating to plant.
  • Exhibits and maintains excellent working relationships with all CreDan staff. 
  • Continues to develop own professional expertise through on-the-job training.  
Job Requirements:
  • Recognized degree or associates degree in Engineering discipline (chemical or process) would be beneficial but not required.
  • 10+ years in hydrocarbon processing operations, 4 of which should have been in a Central Control Room.
Location: Kurdistan
Job Description:
  • Conducts baseline process assessments of Khormor facilities. 
  • Analyses results of these assessments and distils them into conclusions to present to management.
  • Prepares technical aspects of process improvement measures.
  • Liaises with Sharjah Process Engineers to ensure planned process changes are peer reviewed.
  • Conducts initial process engineering related evaluations in coordination with KM Operations and KM Facilities Engineering. 
  • Train Operations & Maintenance personnel on process-related matters
  • Develop and enhance data-gathering, conduct de-bottlenecking studies, and increase LPG production.
  • Conduct liquid product specification studies and develop optimum means of plant enhancing liquids revenues. 
  • Conduct dynamic studies of Khormor plant, and tune plant to enhance availability/reliability.
  • Undertake process studies of plant rotating and processing equipment, to determine actual vs design performance.
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering or related qualification 
  • Minimum of 15 Years in Engineering, preferably Process Engineering with at least 5 years with operating facilities. Alternately, a minimum of 5 years Process Engineering experience in operating facilities and a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering.  5 Years of HAZOP, HAZAN, Quantitative Risk Assessment, HAZAN, and similar technical safety analyses methodologies.


Location: Kurdistan
Job Description:
  • Contribute to Khormor LPG Facility’s continuous improvement in Maintenance and HSE performance by ensuring safety and environmental Standards and Procedures are followed within the workplace.
  • Promote a culture through behavioral based safety and raise the standards of ‘Hazard Awareness’ and the implementation of the ‘2nd STEP’.
  • Assist accident investigation teams and input into root causes and reports.
  • Develop competency modules, training material and assessments to ensure development and competency of Local National staff.
  • Coach and Mentor Maintenance team. Provide on the job training.
  • Act as competency verifier for maintenances personnel.
  • Provide input into preparations for planned shutdowns, engineering changes / modifications.
  • Ensuring appropriate control mechanisms, procedures and processes are followed.
  • Define standards, codes of practice and maintenance routines to promote best industry practices and equipment selection.
  • Define performance metrics and monitor to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Input into the Maintenance and Asset Integrity Road Map and assist identifying safety and production critical equipment.
  • Input into safety critical function testing and inspection regimes.
  • Assist Supply Chain with contractor service and equipment specification and selection.
  • Enforce the maintenance methodology to align with the maintenance philosophy.
  • Ensure maintenance activities are conducted in accordance with procedures.
  • Identify gaps and develop necessary maintenance procedures.
  • Seek and deliver continuous improvement opportunities.
  • Promote and ensure compliance with regulations and procedures.
  • Utilise own experience and knowledge to offer improvements.
  • Optimise maintenance planning and preventive maintenance routines.
  • Ensure safety critical function testing in line with asset integrity plan.
  • Develop equipment strategies
Job Requirements:
  • BSc In Engineering preferable
  • B. Tech Eng. or HNC in an Engineering Subject minimum
  • A minimum of 15 years’ experience in a maintenance management position within the oil and gas industry. Subject matter expert in maintenance techniques e.g. FEMA, RCM, RBI, CMMS. Experienced in commissioning activities of production facilities. Experienced with gas/oil processing production equipment and rotating equipment. Proven at troubleshooting technical problems

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