Emaar Latest Hot Job Openings at United Arab Emirates

Location: United Arab Emirates
Job Description:
  • Forwards completed application forms to the Retail Leasing Manager/Coordinator for perusal, upon receipt of the instruction prepares a formal agreement based on the budget and merchandise mix for onward transmission to clients for perusal and decision
  • Receives from the client either acceptance, of proposed Offer, or an offer with changes in the terms of proposal. In ease of former, refers the matter to the Leasing Manager for negotiation, prepares fresh offer on negotiated terms upon the advice of Leasing Manager for clients perusal and acceptance
  • Reviews the final acceptance of the [proposal, to ensure that there is no ambiguity in the acceptance of the terms and conditions as mentioned in the revised proposal, and there is complete clarity with regards to the company's and the tenant's commitments with regards to the agreement,
  • Collects legal documents from clients such as Trade license, Commercial Registration, Insurance certificate, owners' passport copies etc. to ensure the legality of the clients company and to use these documents in case of any litigation.
Job Requirements:
  • University Degree preferably in commerce or accounts
  • 4-5 years of experience
  • Handling administrative aspect of leasing in property development or real estate company will be highly advantageous
  • Good communication skills
  • Proficiency in MS office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)
Location: United Arab Emirates
Job Description:
  • To be punctual every time you are scheduled for duty
  • To ensure guests/ customers receive prompt, friendly, personalized service
  • Creating a welcoming atmosphere by having a pleasant personality and always greeting the guests before guest greets you by following the standard phrases, and ensure a quick and discreet departure while conveying appreciation and hope to return
  • Utilize knowledge and information given, to accurately answer any questions from guests and to make recommendations to guests specifications with regards to the region, culture, best means of travel, places of public interest and activities, iconic landmark and where best to shop
  • To assist your managers/superior in maintaining standards by communicating any problems or potential problems in your work surroundings
Job Requirements:
  • High School Certificate
  • One year related experience
  • Read and write simple English and verbally comprehend simple instructions & communication in English
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Abiding grooming standards & personal hygiene standards (no beard or moustache)
  • The unauthorized use or disclosure of Company information is regarded as gross misconduct and will be subject to the Disciplinary Procedure as stipulated in The Valet company policies and procedures.
  • This job description will be subject to discussion/re-evaluation and modification within the given appraisal process and on an annual basis.
Location: United Arab Emirates
Job Description:
  • Refers to the National Archive and applies to the job and its revisions
  • Provides design and writes role play activity scripts of each establishment according to specification from the sponsors and guidelines of KidZania concept
  • Develops and implements new ideas, activities to help increase business
  • Ensures all signage and displays are designed and installed according to KidZania guidelines and sponsor agreements
  • Oversees the development of KidZania concept in customer experience, consumables, utensils and equipment assortment and design of activities
  • Supervises the design of employee and visitor uniforms, verifying the conformity to the essence of KidZania
  • Ensures activities are controlled through activity assessments and attendance analysis
  • Maintains sustainable relationship with the sponsors on an operational level
  • Monitors the inventory of consumables in the warehouse and requests replenishment
Job Requirements:
  • Minimum Graduate degree in relevant discipline/industry
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in operations and sales or relevant field
  • Knowledge of MS office
  • Excellent English language skills required
  • Effective team player and with strong organizational skills
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities
  • Team oriented
  • Makes things happen
  • Invites clear and open communication
Location: United Arab Emirates
Job Description:
  • Ensures that FM develops operational strategies, policies and procedures in line with the operational requirements to ensure well managed and well maintained communities
  • Manages the community services and company assets and ensure that environmental health and safety, and quality programs are in conjunction with department's objectives. 
  • Oversee vendor performances to assure full compliance with standards established within the service agreement.
  • Liaise with other department to resolve any FM operational issues and other department issues as well which relates to FM.
Job Requirements:
  • Minimum Graduate Degree in Mechanical/Electrical/Civil Engineering ot other relevant discipline
  • Minimum of 8-9 years’ experience in a similar role with developer or in a large facility management company.
  • Excellent Technical skill in MS Office and other common software packages.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Good organisational skills and forward planning ability.
  • Ability to resolve problems under pressure and be decisive keeping Emaar’s interest in mind.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to execute the needs of the business
  • Shows good judgement in seeking authority where required
  • Self-Motivated and team player
  • Ability to handle conflicts or challenging situations confidently.
  • Ability to provide rational input in negotiations.
  • Ability to provide coaching, feedback and on the job training when needed.
  • Ability to utilize available resources effectively.
Location: United Arab Emirates
Job Description:
  • Conducts preventive maintenance inspections or periodic schedule as determined, completes inspection forms and signs the documents to verify products are safe to operate
  • Reports faults to the Technical Manager immediately and informs the Technical Manager to be fully aware of when the product will be repaired and moved back onto the operation floor.
  • Leads the Technical Team in the event that a product is out of order for a period of time. Liaises with the Technical Manager and prepares for the faulty product to be moved to backyard area for repair.
  • Ensures all auxiliary equipment in the building are in good working condition. 
  • Reports to the Technical Manager and Operations Manager in the event of a product being offline for 30 minutes and proposes a solution / liaises with the support services.
  • Ensures items delivered are checked, informs the Technical Manager of the delivery and passes over the delivery note. 
Job Requirements:
  • Degree or Diploma in relevant field of Engineering (Electrical/Electronic/Mechanical)
  • Minimum 4 years’ experience in either a theme park or family entertainment centre on the technical aspects.
  • Basic English Language skills required
Location: United Arab Emirates
Job Description:
  • Research on brands that can be prospective sponsors of our attractions, brand fit, their annual marketing budgets and motivation to be part of our attraction. 
  • Research the prospects activities in the region, their marketing initiatives, sponsorship culture, positioning, media presence etc
  • Plan what can be offered to the client at the attraction, attraction information, script and process flow, creative activities, ideation, conceptualization, etc by discussing with the attraction’s operations team. Identify synergies with the leasing department and existing tenant base that could be targeted for our attractions' sponsorship.
  • Provide inputs for sponsorship sales strategy, pricing, annual sales plans, back up plans, targets, process flows and timelines
  • Develop tailor made presentations for the client depending on the attraction, creative activity, brand experience, etc. Develop the sales pitch. Make presentations to clients
Job Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree/ Post Graduate or Diploma Holder in Business Administration

  • Reasonable years of experience in the media and entertainment industry focusing on media/sponsorship sales. 

  • Experience in interacting with Senior Brand/Marketing/Advertising Directors and decision makers. 

  • Experience in targeted proactive sales and exposure to concept selling and not just rate card selling.

  • Local industry experience

  • Presentation skills

  • Good Communication skills


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