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Location:  Oman
Job Description:
·         Adhere to the Company’s health, safety, environmental and security policies at all times;
·         Adhere to & support ISO processes, certification renewal & ensure areas of responsibility are in constant compliance;
·         Ensure that Business Ethics and Core Values of the Supply Chain Management Department are implemented and followed in proper manner.
·         Perform cash buying & negotiate purchase of low value items;
·         Consolidate and collect low value items from the market;
·         Deliver and collect documents;
·         Ensure full customer satisfaction with Procurement services;
·         Perform other related tasks as required by the department;
·         Perform other duties as delegated by his Manager or Supervisor.
·         Comply, promote and assist to implement the SCM Standard and Procedures (SOP) process and policies. This includes, Procurement and Tendering, Logistics and Inventory and Asset Management.
Job Requirements:
·         Secondary School certificate with 04 years of experience preferably handling stores functioning.   Special Skills & Knowledge Proficient in English & Arabic(Spoken & Written) Proficient in MS Office Driving license

Location:  Oman
Job Description:
·         Responsible for arranging all kinds of insurance cover for the company which includes aircraft insurance, passenger, passenger baggage and cargo, third party liability insurance, company assets and staff insurance etc., by preparing Aviation  insurance requirements and other information required by the insurance companies to ensure that all company assets and liabilities are insured in the best interests of the company.
·         Contact the international insurance brokers and negotiate for the best rates through the GCC Airline Insurance Technical committee and after thorough review amend the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and as required under the international conventions.
·         Coordinate with respective sections / departments for collecting all required information documents for processing insurance policies and claims and follow up with insurance company for surveying, appointing loss adjusters in respect of aircraft accidents, incidents and for processing all kinds of insurance claims to ensure all claims are recovered /dealt in a timely manner.
·         Prepare Non – Aviation Insurance Tender document and float the tender in the market in coordination with the procurement department and provide thorough evaluation report on the quotes received to ensure that the company chooses the right vendors.
·         Prepare insurance related budgets and reconciliation of accounts with respect to insurance section
·         Check for all liabilities and insurance related clauses in the agreements signed by the company related to aviation liabilities and insurance and provide guidance as and when required by various departments in the company.  Arrange insurance approvals, certificate of insurance and reinsurance as required under the agreements.
·         Deal with legal liability claims, insurance related Court cases. Appoint lawyers through insurance company, for lost baggage, passenger injury, passenger delay, third party liability claims. Arrange supporting documents from the concerned departments, stations and forward to lawyers. Brief the contents of the case to appointed lawyer and insurance company to defend the case to safeguard the interest of Oman Air.
Job Requirements:
·         Bachelor degree in Accounting / Commerce with 8 years of significant post qualification work experience in a similar role in an organization of repute with exposure in Aviation insurance, claim settlement.  Associate level in Insurance is required.  Master degree in the related discipline will be advantage.

Location:  Oman
Job Description:
·         Adhere to the Company’s health, safety, environmental and security policies at all times and immediately report violations of these policies to Oman Air’s health, safety & environment representatives;
·         Adhere to & support ISO processes, certification renewal & ensure areas of responsibility are in constant compliance;
·         ensure the Business Ethics and Core Values of the Supply Chain Management Department are implemented and followed in proper manner;
·         Ensure all Fuels’ DP and Contracts are updated and renewed on a timely manner.  
·         procuring fuel by way of contracts and spot purchases to provide Oman Air  with the best quality and price optimization;
·         Liaise with the user department with detailed weekly reports of quantity delivered, quantity used, inventory, pricing per supplier and quality report;
·         Liaise with the user department for administering fuel supply contracts and suppliers to ensure quality standards and supply amounts are met and that Oman Air has adequate fuel supplies at the best prices possible;
·         Visit suppliers' facilities to ensure quality and quantities can be met;
·         Cultivate new suppliers. Look for 'opportunity' suppliers to reduce fuel costs;
·         Evaluate and advise on strategies, structure changes or process improvements to reduce fuel costs;
·         Negotiate contract prices and terms and conditions where business impact/value/risk is deemed high, to ensure that the Company’s' best contractual and commercial position is attained. Ensure that supply and commercial risk is minimized;
·         Ensure that the sourcing, pre-qualification and evaluation of suppliers is carried out as per company standards/policies;
·         Ensure that the tender documents are developed and lead cross-functional teams to produce detailed specifications (where appropriate, in conjunction with Legal and other departments) and to subsequently issue for tender to obtain competitive quotations;
Job Requirements:
·         Bachelor degree in a related discipline with 08 years of relevant work experience in Fuel Procurement preferably in airline industry.  Post-graduation qualification in the related discipline will be advantage.

Location:  Oman
Job Description:
·         Perform semi-skilled and unskilled labouring duties related to the installation, maintenance and repair of a wide variety of mechanical systems and equipment pertaining to GSEW mechanical section.
·         Disassemble defective mechanical equipment, replace defective or worn parts, and reassemble equipment, using hand tools or other related tools as per immediate supervisor’s directives.
·         Transport tools, materials, equipment, and supplies to work site by hand, hand truck, or heavy, motorized truck.
·         After completion of work orders ensure to remove unwanted waste near the work area and return all loan items such as tools, materials and equipment to the stores and keep the work area clean at all times.
·         Follow up with stores for pending parts requisitions to complete work on time as per Job Cards and report to the Supervisor on unavailable/ low stock to procure/refill in order to avoid repair works being delayed due to unavailability of spare parts.
·         Note all discrepancies found during the work time and bring it to the attention of the Supervisor for further actions
·         Ensure to keep all work areas clean and tidy after completion of work orders at all times.
·         Ensure compliance to safety and security regulations.
·         Update knowledge of current company policy and procedures by reading, memo, circulars and manual updates
Job Requirements:
·         Secondary School with minimum 4 years as automobile mechanic in a large automobile workshop
Location:  Oman
Job Description:
·         Prepare product research into consumer trends, end user requirements, performance criteria’s, production constraints.
·         Support in preparing product briefs, data specification sheets for tender.   Ensure documentation are according to Oman Air standards, capturing all necessary technical, design and performance criteria for effective tender and understanding by suppliers.
·         Prepare documents and templates for technical evaluation during tender, preproduction development and trials ensuring accuracy in data captured.
·         Ensure proper filing of all project files, samples during development and master samples.
·         Use design tools and software to prepare designs for review and critique. Positively revise designs according to brief and changing circumstances. 
·         Liaise with suppliers and vendors on ensuring accuracy in submission of product documentation data and samples and prepare these for both team and management review. Consolidate feedback and liaise with suppliers for appropriate revisions and improvements.
·         Support the product and service development team in creating consistency and efficiency in the overall inflight experience, equipment and service flow, including optimal usage of aircraft space and ease of maintenance.
·         Continuously source new products and create an extensive choice of supplier partners for Oman Air.
·         Maintain positive working relationships with internal stakeholders such as Catering, Finance and Supply Chain Management to ensure timely completion of projects.
·         Support the Inflight Service and Service Standards and Training team and any other internal stakeholder in preparing product information, images and brand and marketing data for effectively communication of the new products launched.
·         Where needed, participate in internal decision making forums and ensure effective representation of the Customer Experience and Branding department.
·         Undertake other duties as requested by VP-CEB & SM-CPD ensuring timeliness and utmost effectiveness's in completing the assigned tasks.
Job Requirements:
·         Bachelor degree in Interiors Design, Industrial Design or Branding having 2 years of experience in a product development or brand agency. Aviation related experience is preferred and will be advantage.   OR Two years college Diploma in Interiors Design, Industrial Design or Branding with 4 years of experience.   OR Specialised certificate / training in the related field with Secondary School and having 8 years of WY experience in the similar field.   Must have ability to product design drawings in Adobe Illustrator
Location:  Oman
Job Description:
·         Analyse schedules and capacity optimization with-in 72hrs from departure
·         Work closely with officer flight analyst and route managers to insure proper allocation of inventory is in place with-in 72hrs from departure.
·         provide back up support to HCC/IOCC during flight irregularity and carry out all activities related to Revenue Management area, by pperform/ supervise  special re-accommodation process accurately to ensure proper re-accommodation of passengers on suitable flights (0 to 72hrs from departure)
·         Monitor WY sabre access level Employ Profile Record and insure WY policy is adhered
·         Ensure all CRC queues are cleared on time.
·         Ensure proper and accurate crew blocking on flights in coordination with staff travel
·         Administrate and carry out ROI for Revenue Integrity tool
·         Administer CRC roster and staff issues
·         Create, maintain, and update daily, weekly and monthly CRC section reports (prepare graphic reports for the management team).
·         Support section training initiatives by scheduling training schedule well in advance (next one year)
Job Requirements:
·         Bachelor degree in related discipline with 2 years of relevant experience. Or Two years college diploma in related discipline with 4 years of relevant experience
Location:  Oman
Job Description:
·         Plan and project annual equipment requirement against budgets with operational efficiency and quality control in mind.
·         Plan equipment logistics and start up for any new destination and any new product introduction and changes.
·         Implement inventory schedules and analyze monthly consumptions and monitor usage against established quality standards. Develop a robust inventory lifecycle management system to ensure quality of services offered to Oman Air’s guests.
·         Implement a demand planning, inventory management system to ensure operational efficiency and accurate accountability of inventory.
·         Plan and design GLP's for Oman Air aircrafts ensuring adequate galley space to uplift passenger and crew meals to specifications.
·         Determine and allocate stowage locations for all in-flight related products by working closely with concerned caterers and stakeholders.  Continuous monitor its effectiveness and identify synergies where possible.
·         Publish relevant galley packing and loading diagrams to Oman Air caterers, and the Service Standards and Training team.
·         Supervise the daily activities and work of direct reports and ensure compliance to company standards and business goals.
·         Collaborate with the Cabin and Product Design team, the Menu Development team and the Service Standards and Training team on new product and service concepts; and devise relevant business cases, studies and support material to improve the service satisfaction of Oman Air guests.
·         Review, update and publish in a timely manner the GLP's on every schedule change, meal uplift or product and service change to ensure the stakeholders have access to the correct/updated GLP's at all times.
Job Requirements:
·         Bachelor degree in a related discipline preferably in Supply Chain, Procurement or Logistics with 04 years of relevant experience preferably within an airline operational role. OR Two years college Diploma in a related discipline with 06 years of relevant experience. OR Specialised certificate / license in the related filed with Secondary School certificate and having 10 years of WY experience in similar field / areas.   Must have in-depth knowledge of aircraft galley planning, equipment packing in different aircraft types and different meal types.
Location:  Oman
Job Description:
·         Be responsible for the safety and security of all crew members, passengers and cargo on board
·         Be responsible for the operation and safety of the airplane from the moment the airplane is ready to move for the purpose of taxing prior to taking off until the moment it finally comes to rest at the end of the flight and the engines are shut down
·         Be responsible for all flight documentation, and ensure that information regarding aircraft registration, date of flight, flight number, crew names and duty assignment, departure and arrival airports, ATD, ATA and flight time are all recorded.
·         Have authority to give all commands he deems necessary for the purpose of securing the safety of the airplane and of persons or property carried therein,
·         Have authority to refuse transportation or disembark any person, or any part of the cargo, which in his opinion, may represent a potential hazard to the safety of the airplane or its occupants;
·         Ensure that all operational and safety procedures and checklists are complied with, in accordance with the SOPs and Operations Manual;
·         Ensure that the weather forecast and reports for the proposed operating area and flight duration indicate that the flight may be conducted without infringing Company operating minima;
·         Take all reasonable steps to ensure that the airplane weight and balance is within the calculated limits for the operating conditions;
·         Confirm that the airplanes performance will enable it to complete safely the proposed flight;
Job Requirements:
·         Valid ATPL (EASA/ICAO)   Valid B737NG Rating
·         Minimum total time of 5000 hours including 1500 hours as PIC on multi pilot certified aeroplanes with 500 hours on B737NG.

Location:  Oman
Job Description:
·         Maintain familiarity with relevant Oman and International air legislation and agreed aviation practices and procedures;
·         Maintain familiarity with such provisions of the Company Operations Manual as are necessary to fulfil his function;
·         Assist the Commander as requested, concerning administrative duties in relation to the flight;
·         Support the Commander in the maintenance of a proper standard of crew discipline, conduct and personal appearance.
·         Ensure that department set policies are maintained with regards to fuel saving and company set KPI’s/OTP are achieved.
·         Carrying out such duties concerning the flight in accordance with company standard operating policies and procedures, as are allocated to him by the Commander;
·         Confirming the safe navigation of the aircraft, maintaining a continuous and independent check upon both the geographical position of the aircraft ensuring safe terrain clearance
Job Requirements:
·         Valid ATPL (EASA/ICAO)  Valid B737NG Rating
·         Minimum total hours 1500 hours on multi-pilot certified aeroplanes. Minimum 300 hours on B737NG
Location:  Oman
Job Description:
·         Design, development and deployment of various application systems.
·         Provide technical expertise and recommendations in assessing new IT software projects and initiatives to support and enhance existing IT infrastructure and systems.
·         Identify opportunities that can improve efficiency of business processes, Investigate and resolve application functionality related issues and provide first level support and troubleshooting.
·         To work as a team member with other technical staff, such as networking and DBAs to ensure connectivity and compatibility between systems and write and maintain system documentation.
·         Conduct technical research on system upgrades to determine feasibility, cost, time required, and compatibility with current systems.
·         Document system problems and resolutions for future reference in order to minimise problem resolution time.
·         Executes new application development project in line with international standards.
·         Initiates the documentation processes of the IT systems and assists in user acceptance testing to ensure proper operation and freedom from defects.
·         Coordinate application development for multiple projects and assist in troubleshooting software application issues.
·         Assist various administrators from other IT Sections related with application installation and testing, troubleshooting and identify modifications needed in existing applications to meet changing user requirements.
Job Requirements:
·         Bachelor Degree in a related Science discipline or Computer Engineering having 4 years of relevant experience in IT industry OR Two year’s college Diploma in the related discipline / field having 6 years of relevant experience in IT industry. Adequate IT experience / exposure in requirement analysis, system design and a good knowledge of SDLC.

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