Turkish Airlines Multiple jobs vacancies

Turkish Airlines aims to provide all of its employees situated in different parts of the world with a transparent working environment that supports creativity and team spirit, is conducive to personal development, an environment wherein the corporate targets are internalised at every level and ideas can be exchanged freely. All individuals taking a step into the magical world of aviation commit themselves to their profession at Turkish Airlines.

With its comprehensive scope of activity and multicultural structure, Turkish Airlines provides its employees with a unique career opportunity in the aviation sector. Corporate loyalty and effective team work are two of the most prominent characteristic features of the corporation. While the qualifications of the employees add a distinct richness to the corporation, individual targets and corporative objectives are in harmony with each other.

Turkish Airlines employs candidates with strong human relations, open to multiculturalism and innovations, focused on continuous development and productivity, competitive and who believe in the value of team work within different positions in the company.

Recruitment Processes

İnsan Kaynakları
Turkish Airlines employs the candidates the company will work together with in its global service network under the following 4 categories;
Cabin Crew,
Cockpit Crew,
Overseas Office Employees and
Administrative/Technical Department Employees (General Employment)

1. Cabin Crew Recruitment
Parallel to our constantly developing service network; the recruitment of the cabin crew, who not only host our guests from all around the world in the best possible way with their high-quality service but who also assume important responsibilities in regard to safety, is carried out through announcements published at www.turkishairlines.com when necessary.

All the applicants are invited to Turkish Airlines according to the appointments designated by the system. Candidates who meet the basic requirements are then subjected to written and verbal assessments using modern selection methods. In addition, all candidates must sit for foreign language proficiency tests.

Following these stages, the candidates who have completed both the individual and group interview processes successfully commence their training process upon the health committee’s approval. All candidates who have completed their trainings successfully are then included to the team in order to host our guests in the most comfortable and safest manner within our daily expanding flight network.
2. Cockpit Team Recruitment
İnsan Kaynakları
In Turkish Airlines, together with our expanding and rejuvenating fleet, the cockpit team recruitments are carried out on a global scale and in a scrupulous manner. While the young pilots trained via company resources are brought into Turkish Airlines, experienced pilots from different nations are also employed within the company.

The pilot recruitments of Turkish Airlines are carried out in the following 4 groups;
Candidate for First-officer Nominee to be trained,
SFI (Simulator Flight Instructor)
The candidate pilots join the selection process by applying to the announcements published in www.turkishairlines.com. From the candidates who can speak a foreign language and satisfy the basic criteria, those who successfully complete the related professional tests and interviews are employed within the Turkish Airlines family.

With the employment of “Candidates to be trained for First-officer Nomination”, Turkish Airlines not only makes an important contribution to the development of the aviation sector but, by providing a unique career opportunity for newly graduate candidates, also lends assistance to our youth in realising their dreams.
3. Overseas Offices Employees
The local candidates who wish to be positioned in the overseas offices of Turkish Airlines that has assumed the mission of building an air bridge between the east and the west and the north and the south through its flights to various points of the world can join the assessment process by applying to our offices in their respective countries. In addition to the basic criteria, the candidates are assessed in line with the skills required by the position they apply for.
4. Administrative/Technical Department Employees (General Employment)
In Turkish Airlines, alongside our cabin and cockpit crews who work in the skies for the safety and comfort of our passengers, enabling our guests to reach their beloved ones; the administrative and technical departments who work in order to ensure that this large-scale operation can be carried out without any hitches and in a perfect manner.

In the administrative and technical departments affiliated to our Head Office, applications for positions such as technician, officer, expert and engineer, in line with requirements, are accepted from time to time through the announcements published in www.turkishairlines.com. While the candidates are admitted to competence-based interviews throughout the recruitment process, written and verbal selection and deployment methods supporting the interview are also used. Personality inventory results are also assessed carefully in order to offer a position suitable for the candidate.

In all recruitment processes, the candidates are informed in a transparent manner.

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