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We are seeking a Materials Manager for our West Coast Manufacturing Operations.
Reporting directly to the Site Director and indirectly to the Director of Material Planning and Logistics, the Materials Manager will have overall responsibility for the Material Planning, Inventory and Logistics of the Tijuana and San Diego Facilities in the EMCOE. This function supports the manufacturing operations team to develop plans that ensure smooth flow of materials through the site. Utilization of the methods and techniques of basic and advanced planning techniques including level loading and pull for the Manufacturing Operations. This position is also responsible to ensure that supplier relationships are developed and nurtured to allow supply chain continuity and flexibility.
The Materials Manager must ensure the development of a sourcing and replenishment strategy and execution MOS. Considerations must include geography, replenishment lead-time, logistics and transportation. Methods of controlling supply (pull/push) should vary based on supplier performance (quality, delivery, replenishment lead time) and the variation of said components.
The Materials Manager must be capable and willing to create an environment that fosters standardized work in an environment of trust, respect and involvement. Utilizing a teach-learn approach they must enable people to create standardized work and enforce adherence to that standardized work. This should be done through encouragement of future Continuous Improvements which should always be based upon the standard.

Principal Accountabilities:
•             Organizational Performance
–             Demonstrate behaviors that guide the progression of the site, enhance communication, drive accountability, continuous improvement and kaizen, Rapid Problem Solving, Visual Management, Waste Observation / Elimination, and Process Design for Flow with a specific emphasis on materials flow. Establish a strong understanding of the maturity elements.
–             Assure key performance indicators (On Time To Request, Past Due/Past Due Needed, Net Inventory and Days of Supply) are tracked daily and a system is in place to ensure continuous improvement.
•             Production Planning
–             Manage the Materials Planning team to develop a Production Plan/Master Production Schedule for all manufacturing lines that allows the business to ensure Customer expectations are met and exceeded.
–             Drive flexibility in the scheduling and planning activities to ensure that methods are available to change with changing business conditions.
–             Overseeing the planning operations in JMO to insure the continuous flow of
product to meet customer’s expectations

•             Inventory Planning and Execution
–             Develop and implement a Plan for Every Part strategy, develop the material flows through the site, understand the overall supply chain flows.
–             Manage inventory and material availability
–             Track inventory accuracy, receipt and usage. Responsible for all inventory movement
–             Focus on reducing inventory through implementing pull, or improving the current pull system. Maintain KANBAN systems & co-ordinate materials movement between warehouses & shop floor.
–             Work to continually reduce the slow moving / IOS materials.
–             Supervise material handling for raw material. Establish/maintain a cycle counting program.
–             Site Logistics Planning and Execution for the Oversight of Distribution in JMO to insure customer on time delivery.
•             SIOP ( Sales, Inventory and Operations Planning )
–             Prepare Monthly Sales and Inventory Operating Plan (SIOP), Rough Cut Capacity Planning, Sourcing performance, site reconciliation data, DRP – distribution requirements planning
–             Continuous communication with Demand Management to improve our Sales
and Inventory Operations Plan.
•             Supplier Partnership / Supply Continuity

–             Develop the Supply Planning role with in the Materials Organization to drive accountability for material availability and supplier performance along with customer delivery

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