Dragon Oil Multiple job vacancies

HSE Tasks & Responsibilities

  1. Implements and maintains HSE programme,
  2. Reports and investigates incidents/accidents and makes necessary recommendations for improvement,
  3. Ensures that safety equipment and systems are maintained in efficient operating conditions.
  4. Ensures that contractors are fully aware and adhere to all company’s procedures, standards and systems,
  5. Carries out planned inspection and self-auditing to ensure plant and equipment are properly maintained,
  6. Conducts group safety meeting for contractors key personnel on the rig,
  7. Initiates emergency drills and exercises on weekly basis,
  8. Discusses near misses on daily and draw up lessons learn.

Communications and Working Relationships

  • Frequent contacts with concerned Operating Divisions Engineers, OIS, Production Engineer, Petroleum and Drilling Engineers for coordination of rig move and maintain smooth Drilling Operations.
  • Frequent contacts with Contractor/Service Companies personnel up to Engineer’s level to discuss matters related to operational programmes, work progress, encountered problems… etc.
  • Occasional contacts with Drilling Material Coordinator, Logistics Superintendent to coordinate required materials/equipment.

Problem Solving / Complexity

  • Drilling Operations
  • Work Control
  • Technical Input

Decision Making Authority and Responsibility
  1. (i) Oversees the execution of all operational programmes and acts as Company-man on assigned Rig/Hydraulic Workover Unit covering drilling, work over, well completion and related activities covered by contractor and/or service companies,
(ii) receives detailed programmes from Supervisor, translates into operational activities and conducts detailed observation and inspection of contractors activities on site,
(iii) Reviews programmes in light of work progress, proposes and implements minor amendments to approved programmes in light of unforeseen operations requirements,
(iv) Discusses proposed programme changes with Supervisor to improve Drilling operations and implements changes in case of emergency or safety hazardous on own initiative.
  1.  (i) Supervises and controls the activities of Service Company’s personnel involved in the provision of technical service/operations covering wire line logging, fishing, running and pulling completions, stimulating, cementing. Directional drilling, production testing, sampling coring…etc,
(ii) Monitors execution of related programmes, reviews and reports on progress, arranges administrative support such as accommodation and transportation of personnel and equipment, (iii) Investigates required supplies, orders materials/equipment from Company stores and occasionally, requests manufacturing /procurement of other requirements such as cross over… etc, (iv) Controls and ensures the economics consumption and safe utilisation of company supplied materials and equipment,
  1. (v) Ensures safe return of equipment and surplus materials to company’s stores upon completion of related operations.
  2.  (i) Prepares the daily progress report including the daily rig operating cost and supply boats activities at rig site,
(ii) Holds pre-job meetings with concerned contractor/service companies personnel to highlight potential hazards and to advise on preventive measures.
(iii) Liaises with Offshore Installation Superintendent for tower inspection and handover of activities at each tower,
(iv) Handles all emergencies encountered during normal operations of rig movesas per Company established policy.


    • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical or Petroleum Engineering.
    • 10 years of experience in drilling operations. 3 years of which should be in Offshore drilling.
    • Good knowledge of English language.

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