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·         Reliable & Efficient Services - With 99% service reliability, we are dedicated to developing successful synergistic business relationships with you. While our headquarters is in Shah Alam, we have three regional offices in Prai, Gebeng, and Pasir Gudang, and seven branch offices throughout the Peninsula to provide you with efficient operations and maintenance, as well as effective customer service.
·         Safe - We do not compromise on quality and safety measures. We uphold and practise stringent policies and procedures to ensure timely and safe delivery of natural gas to our customers.
·         Cost Saving - There are other fuel substitutes to natural gas such as coal, diesel and medium fuel oil. However, currently natural gas remains the most economical source of energy in Malaysia as the price of natural gas regulated by the Government is still lower compared to that of the substitutes.
·         Environmental Benefits - The usage of natural gas is also cleaner and environmentally friendly compared to that of the substitutes. It produces fewer pollutants, lower emission of greenhouse gases and contributes to less smog formation in the air.

Be assured that we will serve a complete solution and unparalleled value-added services to ensure that your business needs are met at the highest standards.

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