SAUDI ARAMCO Latest Job Vacancies

Field Compliance Co-ordinator
Location: Saudi Arabia
JOB Description:
The successful candidate will provide advice and consultation to department staff to assist them in maintaining a safe working environment in compliance with environmental/safety regulations, standards, and practices. You will identify and evaluate hazardous conditions and practices in the workplace. Undertake surveys to identify and evaluate occupational health, safety, and environmental conditions. Conduct and coordinate onsite inspections to audit physical conditions and safe work. Provide advice and counsel concerning compliance with corporate safety regulation and procedures. Perform construction site and/or area safety inspections of department facilities and operations. Perform job site safety compliance inspections, including hazard analyses and safe work procedures, and prepare written reports and recommendations. Develop controls for identified hazards. Coordinate the implementation of controls from results of hazard analyses.

The successful applicant will measure and evaluate the effectiveness of the hazard control system, policies, and procedures, and recommend changes that reflect improved opportunities to eliminate work place incidents and injuries. Prepare safety orientations, safety training, and job site inspection procedures. Direct or assist in the development of specialized education and training materials. Conduct specialized safety and environmental training programs to communicate hazard control information. Assist local management in new employee occupational health, safety, and environmental orientation. Participate in Safe Operations Committee meetings. Review and analyze injury, property damage, and statistical loss data, and work with management to prepare comprehensive recommendations for corrective action to eliminate or minimize potential hazards. Incorporate essential safety requirements in all purchasing and contracting actions. Recommend the purchase of safety equipment, related supplies, and personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with established company requirements. Maintain awareness of corporate safety and environmental requirements and make recommendations for their implementation. Assist management with monitoring adherence to department safety and environmental program by employees and contractors. Perform other related duties per supervisor direction.
B.S. degree in engineering, safety engineering, industrial hygiene, environmental science, or a related field, is preferred.

Offshore Boat Deck Coordinator
Location: Saudi Arabia
JOB Description:
The successful candidate will perform maintenance work on CALM and SALM SPMs. Supervise the boat Ramthan-II maintenance team to safely and efficiently complete the offshore scheduled and emergency work, including but not limited to the following:

Daily SPM checks; weekly inspection; preventive and reactive maintenance of Saudi Aramco six (6) offshore SPMs
Replace and change-out of all kind of marine hoses including subsea, full float, half float and other
Perform SPM CALM bearing assessment and provide reports
Maintain and replace subsea valves and perform direct grease injection operations
Replace and change mooring hawsers
Coordinate oil spills cleanups
Ensure and implement the highest safety and environmental standards governed by Saudi Aramco safety and environmental procedures and policies.
Work under SPM area foreman supervision to coordinate all work activities and assignments.
Communicate constantly with Terminal Shift Superintendents, Marine Department, and Juaymah Offshore Platform and Piloting Operations to coordinate workboat operations and safely complete the assigned activities.
Communicate with lead divers to coordinate all diving inspection and repair work.
Maintain adequate tools and materials on the workboat to carry out normal maintenance.
Report the work progress on a daily basis, or whenever needed, to the SPM area foreman.
Timely report and encourage team members to report all safety concern, issues, and suggestions.
Coordinate SPM work activities related to removals, installations, and maintenance with barges and support boats for T&I or major repairs.
Participate with the team on risk assessments and job safety analysis preparation and development.
Train and mentor the young workforce on boats.
A B.S. degree in mechanical engineering, a diploma in mechanical/diving, or ITC: English, ERW; Math, MI.

Reliability Engineer
Location: Saudi Arabia
JOB Description:

• Support company field organizations to implement and sustain corporate reliability initiatives.
• Provide training, sessions and workshops to elevate level of understanding of reliability culture and programs.
• Conduct performance assessments to evaluate reliability initiative implementation and compliance in addition to providing recommendation to close identified gaps.
• Perform statistical analysis of process and business data for decision-making and improvements in asset maintenance policy and tasks.
• Implement Standardized Maintenance best practices throughout all company facilities.
• Continually identifies industry trends and developments, incorporating new or better techniques or technologies into own operational area, and ensure that this knowledge is shared with others across maintenance.
• Development of standards and procedures for maintenance practices in line with company maintenance strategy.
• Prepares and issues maintenance policies and strategies including determination of equipment criticality and defining necessary rules and analysis required for best maintenance type for each system.
• Carry out internal and external Benchmark on reliability and maintenance performance.
• Develops specialized indices to aid in evaluating the maintenance being performed.
• Acquires and analyzes reliability data, either generated from SAP or collected from other sources.
• Provides leadership and direction to the development, implementation, and maintenance of the reliability culture, work processes and tools that support the sites efforts to reduce business risk.
• Ensures that work processes are best-in-class, reflecting expectations, best practices and shared learning’s that exist internal and external to the Business Unit.
• Lead the design for maintainability reviews for all projects throughout the whole project cycle.
Candidate must at least hold a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical or electrical engineering from a recognized university.

Operations Geologist
Location: Saudi Arabia
JOB Description:

Applicants will update all kinds of maps and grids in light of the new drilling information obtained from active wells to help optimize well objectives. Get involved with 24-hour operational activities, including tracking wells, interacting with the Geosteering Operations Center, and making critical decisions for wellbore adjustments; perform well evaluations while drilling and post-drilling, such as final correlations, maps and grids for structural, stratigraphic and fluid limits mapping; and communicate clearly with all parties involved in drilling activities.
A Bachelor’s degree in Geology is a minimum requirement.

Unconventional Resources Production Engineering Specialist
Location: Saudi Arabia
JOB Description:
• Design well completions and propose alternatives, if required.
• Design and execute quality assurance/quality control and perform post-job analysis for acid and proppant fracturing treatments.
• Perform studies and projects assuring adequacy and conformance to overall objectives of all phases of problems in different areas, including stimulation, production, well design, and testing programs, reservoir flow properties and fluid studies.
• Own the quality and implementation of optimization tools.
• Provide input to pilot design and interpretation.
• Conduct flow assurance analysis.
• Monitor corrosion and resolve paraffin scaling issues.
• Utilize artificial lift to increase productivity of wells.
• Conduct nodal analysis.
• Implement industry best practices and exchange of learnings with other similar unconventional gas assets.
• Evaluate new technologies, tools, or techniques, and decide on the suitability, then present or assist in the presentation of proposals to management, technical, and operating groups.
• Participates in project technical reviews, and reviews proposals to ensure efficient/economic operations.
• Represents Saudi Aramco in dealing with manufacturers, vendors, and outside consultants in his area of expertise.
• Prepares manuals, and trains/develops engineers and operating personnel in his area of expertise.
As the successful candidate you will hold a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering.

Unconventional Senior Drilling Foreman
Location: Saudi Arabia
JOB Description:
• Performs unit level supervisory function at well locations remote to operations headquarters on a 24-hour per day, 14/7 or 28/28 work schedule.
• Directs all well operations expediently, safely and according to accepted industry practices as outlined and specified in the well Drilling or Workover program issued by the Drilling Engineering Department.
• Coordinates the timely ordering of required well materials, equipment and services according to the well program.
• Documents the receipt, usage and transfer of Saudi Aramco supplied materials and equipment.
• Reviews service company field tickets for accuracy of services provided and associated charges.
• Ensures that Saudi Aramco Blowout Prevention Standards are met in all respects including equipment configuration, testing and crew response. Assures that rig and personnel comply with Saudi Aramco established safety standards and procedures.
• On rigs contracted to Saudi Aramco, assures compliance with terms, conditions and equipment/personnel as specified in the Contract.
• Provides headquarters a complete daily report of work progress as required in the Daily Morning Report.
• Promotes cost-savings ideas and awareness with the view toward operational optimization consistent with safely meeting well objectives.
• Provides on-job training to less experienced drilling/workover personnel assigned to the rig.
B.S. degree in Engineering.

Unconventional Drilling Foreman
Location: Saudi Arabia
JOB Description:
• Supervises and oversees all operations performed on Saudi Aramco wells on a 24-hour per day, 14/7 or 28/28 work schedule.
• Makes recommendations on alternative methods or equipment when unusual situations are encountered.
• Coordinates deliveries of materials to the well to ensure it is available when required.
• Ensures that contractor meets all requirements of his contract.
• Works with Drilling and Workover engineers to see that modern drilling practices are followed.
• Approves contractor daily tour report.
• Ensures that contractor rig and equipment are properly maintained to avoid downtime.
• Performs other miscellaneous duties as directed by Supt.
• Ensures that Saudi Aramco Blowout Prevention Standards are met in all respects including equipment configuration, testing and crew response.
• Assures that rig and personnel comply with Saudi Aramco established safety standards and procedures.
• B.S. degree in Engineering with seven years of experience working in drilling and workover operations including adequate supervisory experience on a drilling or workover rig.

Civil Engineer
Location: Saudi Arabia
JOB Description:
Assures that project buildings acquired by new construction or buyout purchase are of good design and sound structure.
Recommends payment or withholding of incremental disbursements, and approves incremental payments.
Audits the progress of home construction or improvement work and resolves issues that cause delay.
Develops field instructions for inspection of building materials used by contractors to ensure sound building procedures.
Updates the Basic Construction Standards for the HO Program.
Estimates the prices of ready-built houses based on fair price market value.
Studies the design of various building systems to analyze material requirements, cost, constructions method, and suitability for employee purchase.
Recommends the most feasible design and modifies designs as necessary.
Resolves with municipal engineers and other SAG officials any problems concerning HO residential areas.
Serves as a technical consultant for the division.
Performs miscellaneous duties as required by the Supervisor.
5 years of professional experience at the engineering field (2 years minimum of the total experience years spent in the design and/or construction of housing projects).
Fluency in English and Arabic (oral and written).
Knowledge of design principles; sound building procedures; design details; SAG; and municipal and Aramco building codes, standards, and specifications.

Field Compliance Coordinator
Location: Saudi Arabia
JOB Description:
The employee will assists, establish, implement, and maintain a variety of safety and environmental measures and initiatives to ensure compliance with the corporate set of standards in safety, health, and environmental requirements and expectation.

The employee will have to maintain the department’s 100% compliance with all safety regulations and will have zero safety related breaches and violations.

The employee will provide advice and consultation to the department in maintaining a safe working environment in compliance with environmental/safety regulations, and standards and practices. Identifies and evaluates hazardous conditions and practices in the workplace. Conducts and coordinates onsite inspections to audit physical conditions and safe work practices. Provides advice and counsel concerning compliance with corporate safety regulation and procedures.
A B.S. degree in engineering, safety engineering, industrial hygiene, or environmental science, or in a related field is preferred.
Must have two (2) years of related safety/operational experience and/or training, preferably in the oil/gas or petrochemical industry, or in the industry related to the position placement, e.g., marine, pipelines, and power distribution

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