Cathay Pacific Airlines Latest Job openings

Cathay Pacific was founded as "Roy Farrell Export-Import Co., Ltd" (Chinese: 澳華出入口公司) in Shanghai in January 1946 by Australian Sydney de Kantzow and American Roy Farrell.[7] Both men were ex-air force pilots who had flown the Hump, a route over the Himalayan mountains.[8] Farrell purchased the airline's first aircraft, a Douglas DC-3, nicknamed Betsy, in New York on 6 October 1945. The company began freight services in January 1946 with two DC-3s between Australia and China (its first commercial flight was a shipment of clothes from Sydney to Shanghai), but the profitable business soon attracted attention from Republic of China government officials. After several instances where the company's planes were detained by authorities in Shanghai, on 11 May 1946 the company relocated, flying its two planes to Hong Kong.


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