Qatar Gas - Job Opportunities 2016

​​​​Qatargas offers prospective employees a unique opportunity to be involved in making history happen. There are a wide variety of roles available in both the development projects as well as the permanent operating organization.
Together with our shareholder partners, Qatargas operates seven liquefied natural gas (LNG) trains including four mega trains that are the largest ever to be built.  The current total production capacity of Qatargas is 42 million tonnes of LNG per annum - the largest in the world.  In addition, Qatargas operates a condensate refinery - Laffan Refinery.
Fraudulent Recruitment.
Beware of criminals offering fictitious employment with Qatargas. They will ask for fees, claiming these are for things like visas or administrative fees. We never ask anyone who applies to work at Qatargas to pay money. If someone asks you for money as part of an application process or you suspect something is not right – please contact us straightaway. In order to help us tackle this problem it would be useful if you can send us copies of any communications you have received.

Below are some tell-tale signs that you may have been approached by a criminal offering fictitious employment:
  • Offers of employment without being invited for interview.
  • Being asked to pay a fee as part of the recruitment process.
  • Being offered a position you did not apply for.
  • Use of a webmail email address – not a Qatargas email address.
  • Spelling mistakes and poor grammar.
  • Pressuring you by making the recruitment seem urgent.
You can have a role in Qatargas' success story by joining our team.
Please click here to find out more about employment and career development with Qatargas.
Please note that all correspondence by email from Qatargas is from the email If you receive email from another address without this as the address it may not be an authentic communication from the Qatargas Recruitment Section. If you have any doubts as to the authenticity of an email, please contact us by clickin​​​g he
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Facilities Engineer                                                                                                APPLY NOW  

Engineers *Qatari National Graduate Only*                                                    APPLY NOW                

Accountants and Financial Analysts *Qatari National Graduate Only*         APPLY NOW

Plant Inspector                                                                                                       APPLY NOW

Corrosion Inspector                                                                                               APPLY NOW

Contracts Specialist                                                                                             APPLY NOW

Document Control Officer                                                                                   APPLY NOW

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