Dubai Petroleum Job Vacancies


Apprenticeships are no longer a thing of the past. This program is a new initiative for Dubai Petroleum Establishment. The program is now in its second year and is designed to give young UAE Nationals the skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications needed to work as technicians on oil offshore operations. As technicians they will form the core of a shift team at the oil production and processing installations. Here they need to understand not just what is happening within a piece of equipment but also how that equipment impacts the overall operating system.
Dubai Petroleum Establishment uses the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) as the awarding body for the Apprenticeship scheme within Dubai Petroleum Establishment.
Vocational Qualifications (SVQ’s) and National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s) are internationally recognized and can be used as the building blocks to higher level qualifications.
Vocational qualifications are designed to develop skills in specific occupations/careers and are based on standards, or 'competencies', that have been agreed by professionals in their respective occupations, such as processing hydrocarbons or engineering maintenance. They are built up through the achievement of individual units, each assessed through the observation of practical tasks recorded in a portfolio of evidence for each candidate and developed with an assessor over time until complete. Therefore they are work based qualifications which are relevant to specific skill levels, they are not theory based.
The length of the program is dependent on many issues but typically lasts for 2 years and apprentices get to take up a permanent offshore position with the company.


Production Operator - Facilities      

Dubai, UAE

Production Operator - Wells

Dubai, UAE

Mechanical Technician

Dubai, UAE

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